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Motorola i776 Phone


Motorola i776 Phone

I was trying to purchase the use of unlimited Direct Connect for my phone since I have both Direct Connect and Direct Talk on my flip phone. Couple of my friends have the PTT on their boost phone and since my phone also has the PTT, it would be great to be able to use that feature on my phone. But today I checked to see the progress and when I can start to use the service, I haven't got the email confirmation. Then went to Support on the top of the page, then to services. It said that Direct Connect, Direct Talk and the rest of the services are not supported on my phone. If it's not supported then why does my phone have the PTT button and the apps already loaded on my phone??

So I guess I wasted $80 on a useless phone AGAIN! Just like I spent $100 for the Motorola i290 Boost Phone that doesn't do half of what the package claims it can do. I'm beginning to think it'a all a sales pitch to make the customer by something they really don't need or want.

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Motorola i776 Phone

Direct Connect is definitely supported on the i776.  Have you contacted Customer Care yet to see if the service was set up and provisioned correctly?  If you purchased a DC add-on or it's included in your plan and it's not working correctly, then something is wrong and should be fixed.


Motorola i776 Phone

Yes I did, sent them an email last night. They responded back wanting me to reply back if I want to opt in for the service. I most certainly do. CB or citizen band radio is nothing but junk any more. Someday I'll get my HAM license. In the mean time I'd like to use my phone's walkie-talkie service. If that works out well, may just toss the CB's in the trash.

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