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Outbound and Inbound Call Issues


Outbound and Inbound Call Issues

I have not been able to call out or receive any phone calls for over a week . I have to leave my house to use my phone. I have been told it should be fixed. I just bought the IPhone 7 plus. 2 of them.

Re: Outbound and Inbound Call Issues

Hi Cook21, sorry to hear you are having issues with the calls, allow us to look into this matter.

Is this affecting both phones?

Are the old phone you were using on that line turned on and in use for playing games or accessing the Web on Wi-Fi?

Do you get a busy signal, tone or error message when making a call?

Is it happening only inside of your house?

Please provide us with the nearest cross streets and ZIP code to this location, we'd like to check the coverage and network status.



Sprint Social Care.

Sprint Social Care Team.
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