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Voicemail calls are not mobile to mobile?


Voicemail calls are not mobile to mobile?

I have a hard time understanding how even though you are calling a sprint number from a sprint phone, voicemail calls are not considered mobile to mobile minutes but actually go against your anytime usage. Is there anyone else that is stuck a little wrong by this? Sprint advertises that you have free mobile to mobile plan where if you call a sprint number your minutes are free...if you call customer service that's even free...but they charge you for calling your own voicemail. Now, the loophole for this, according to the CSR I spoke with today is that if you call your phone from another Sprint phone and check your voicemail it's considered M to M but if you call from your own phone it's not. Sounds like just another way for Sprint to get additional usage charges out of their customers and I for one would have never noticed until my phone bill was $340 this month compared to the average $145.

I guess we either suck it up or find another cell phone provider since the only thing Sprint can come up with is, we don't have an explanation but we're not going to fix the obvious problem either.

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Re: Voicemail calls are not mobile to mobile?

This is the way all major carriers in the U.S. are (I won't say every carrier, because I'm not 100% sure about the local carriers). When you call voicemail you are not actually calling your own number, you are forwarded to a landline-based voicemail system.


Re: Voicemail calls are not mobile to mobile?

I could appreciate that answer, except that...if it's not considered mobile to mobile because you are transferred to an automated service for your voicemail...why is it a mobile to mobile call if I call from another Sprint phone to my voicemail? What's the difference between the two if in fact I dial my number for both calls?

I think it's bogus...and I have done my research and in fact...there are other carriers in my area that do not charge for voicemail calls. What's next? They going to charge us for customer service calls while it takes their untrained customer service reps 30 minutes to not resolve our questions?? It's just annoying to me.

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