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Call forwarding


Call forwarding

Why is unconditional call forwarding *72 $0.20 cents per minute but if u used *28 *73 *74 there is no charged for use *28 *73 *74  what is the difference between *72 and *73 *28 *74?


Re: Call forwarding

  • Call forwarding features are offered on both the first and second lines.
    • Types of call forwarding:
      • Unconditional (*72): Calls are immediately forwarded without the phone ringing.
      • Conditional: Calls that are forwarded to another number when the person who is calling you gets no answer or a busy signal.
      • Busy (*73): Calls will forward if phone is ringing busy.
      • No Answer (*74): Calls will forward if the phone not answered, or if the End key is pressed. Call forwarding charges apply when forwarding calls to other cellular or landline numbers.
      • Forward Busy and No Answer (*28): Combination of the above.
  • Unconditional Call Forwarding (*72) is charged at a flat, per-minute rate of $0.20 unless you have a Simply Everything plan.
  • Unconditional Call Forwarding cannot be set if either of the following apply:
    • Any call restrictions are added, excluding Caller ID.
    • The phone is no longer active.
  • Conditional: Calls are forwarded to another number when the person who is calling  you gets no answer or a busy signal. You can choose to set up  conditional forwarding based on the following:
    • Call Forward Busy (*74)
    • Call Forward No Answer (*73)
    • Forward Busy and No Answer (*28)
  • Call forwarding does not deplete cellular minutes included in your plan.
  • Call forwarding charges apply, except in the case of voicemail or SMS numbers.
  • Call forwrding is included at no charge in the Simply Everything plan.
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