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No calls, no texts, just data since 01/04/13


No calls, no texts, just data since 01/04/13

On Jan 4, I changed my Sprint number. Since then, incoming and outgoing calls and texts have been disabled, though my data is working fine. I have been into Sprint stores several times, but this does not help. I have even gotten a new phone. I was informed by Sprint that it was an issue with Google Voice, but should be resolved when my next billing cycle activated, which was last Thursday (did not happen...). I update the PRL and profile constantly,

have done full power-downs, and when I moved service to the new phone, it had been factory-reset.

As for GV:
* It does not forward to my new number or my old one

* I did temporarily disable the account to sever all connections

* I uninstalled the app

* I use my Sprint number and GV for different callers, so these numbers are not integrated: GV just forwarded to my phone

It has been over two weeks and I am pretty upset by this. No one seems to have answers or solutions. I cannot call Sprint as this is my only phone and the stores have been unable to help other than solutions that should take "several hours" and which are ineffective. Please help!!!! If it matters, I was and am using a Photon 4g.


Re: No calls, no texts, just data since 01/04/13


Just to clarify you did not integrate your Google voice with your Sprint phone number? Where did the new phone number come from, was it a port in or just a random new number?

Would you mind sending me your phone number (new one) so I may have a look at the account and figure out what's going on? Please send this via private message so as to prevent posting personal info on the forums.

Thank you,



Re: No calls, no texts, just data since 01/04/13

For others viewing this post with a similar issue, I did not integrate the numbers. Also, the number I changed was my sprint number, which was done through the Sprint site.

I will respond to the rest through PM as you requested:)

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