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Still Getting Visual Voice mail

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Still Getting Visual Voice mail

My problem is that I get a text msg that says (the contact's phone number) has sent you a Voice SMS Message. Call 650-603-0000 to listen. If I call that number all I get is a busy signal.  First off, I have not subscribed to visual voicemail so I dont know why I even get texts saying I have a voicemail. I do have Handscent SMS version but I have gone into the settings and disabled the default messaging. Again, i dont have visual voicemail on my phone at all so i dont know how to compose a new visual voicemail to send to sprint (like other discussions suggested). I dont want visual voicemail at all and cannot figure out how to get these txt messages to stop coming when I have a voicemail. I want to be able to listen to my voicemails via the widget like i used to be able to do. If i click on the voicemail widget on my phone and go to settings it gives me the option to subscribe becuase right now I AM NOT SUBSCRIBED  to visual voicemail. Please help


Still Getting Visual Voice mail

We need to know your phone model to help. For instance if you have an Evo under Menu>>Settings>>Call>> Voicemail Settings  your phone number should be programmed. Also all voicemail is really just a type of conditional call forwarding so we need to see in our servers how it is setup. This access is easiest if you call in and get to technical support. In the IVR if you select data as the problem it should get you through and bypass customer care based on your phone model etc. The diagnostic/provisioning tool we see is your voicemail - no matter what you may have on your device.



Re: Still Getting Visual Voice mail

Make sure that no 3rd Party Apps are affecting Visual Voicemail.  Two applications in particular, Go SMS and Handcent have been causing issues with Sprint Visual Voicemail.

          *  If you have Go SMS you will need to disable the "disable other text notifiications"

* If you have Handcent, you will need to go into Handcent, press menu, settings, application setting...


1.  Go to dial pad and hit *38 Talk to cancel any call forwarding.

2.  Power off the device and remove and replace the battery and power back on.

3.  Update profile by hitting Menu – Settings – System Updates – Update profile  (try to leave yourself a VM)

4.  Go into the visual voicemail application and compose a visual voicemail message (Hit Menu à Compose) of 5+ seconds and send to

5.  Test to see if visual voicemail is working again, and if the top 4 items above do not solve the ...Typically if Visual Voicemail is not working, it’s related to the initial provisioning not getting setup properly.


Re: Still Getting Visual Voice mail

Here is the solution worked for me on my EVO 3D.

- Go to - Settings/Applications/Manage Applications (be sure you are looking at "all")/Voicemail/Clear data

- This will wipe out your old Inbox messages on the phone but your filesystem will come clean

- Reopen voicemail application & setup your voice mail and you are done.

Credit goes to "metasystech" on

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