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HTC Snap Fix Scheduled July 2


Sprint will be deploying a software fix for the HTC Snap.  The launch date is targeted for Friday, July 2.  This fix will address a ringtone where the device can become stuck on vibrate.

The Issue

How and in what scenario does this defect happen?

If the device is placed into vibrate via Menu Settings and not via the Home screen profile option, this issue can occur.

Which HTC Snaps are affected by this change?

Devices with software  version 1.14.651.2

If battery is pulled will this fix issue?

No, it will not.

The Solution

How can this fix be applied to my phone?

1. Go to and select your device.
2. Ensure you have installed ActiveSync on your PC. If you do not have Active Sync you can find it here
3. Download the executable on your computer. Software Version: 1.15.651.2  (named RUU_Snap_Sprint_WWE_1.15.651.2.exe)
4. Connect your device to your computer.  Run the executable and follow the onscreen prompts.

How long will it take to fix this issue on my device?

Download: 5 minutes.  Installation 10-15 minutes