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After 9 years, and two Palms, Sprint says "go pound sand!"


After 9 years, and two Palms, Sprint says "go pound sand!"

Three months with it, Palm Treo 800w,and I want to strangle someone at Customer Service. After 9 years with Sprint, they said too bad about getting another phone without paying full price.

  • Broadband doesn't work anymore.The Wi-Fi wont always find my network at home. I have to shut it off a couple of times to find it.
  • Touch screen sometimes doesn't work it just magically stars to work again.
  • The phone would rather tell me there is a Wi-Fi network nearby than tell me I have a missed call and/or voicemail.
  • The phone will shut its self off for no reason and you wont know its off until you try to make a phone call. And when it asks you turn on the phone, it doesn't continue with the phone call. Youre standing there with the phone up to your ear, thinking the phone is dialing, but its just idle.
  • Cant use picture mail. Only able to receive, cant send. Its grayed out.
  • Cant use the NASCAR or NFL apps that Sprint promotes all the time.
  • You cant copy and paste anything. Except when youre editing with in a particular app like contacts.
  • You cant get a phone number in a text and copy it to contacts without dialing the number itself.
  • Even with key lock, somehow the phone will dial and/or apps will open. Most often, contacts or calendar end up with erroneous things in them.

I payed $200 for a phone that does the samething (whats left that I can use)as my phone 3 phones ago. Any ideas how to get this resolved?

Or should I just cancel and geta new iPhone?


Re: After 9 years, and two Palms, Sprint says "go pound sand!"

I would calmly connect with a Sprint Corporate store with a service center and take your phone to be looked at. If they can fix it, great. If not, you should still be under warranty (even if you don't have tep) and they can replace it with another device (same model) to attempt to resolve your issue.

I wouldn't expect that sprint will allow you to purchase a new phone with a subsidy after 90 days. If you really want a new device you may want to check Craigslist and or Ebay for a suitable replacement that will meet your needs and then sell your current device to recoup the difference.

I would still recomend you get your existing phone checked at a store... if it is defective I wouldn't recomend trying to sell it to a third party.

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