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Anyone Know when we can see WP8?


Anyone Know when we can see WP8?

I have my WP7 and I love it.  I am due for an upgrade and might think about switch if Sprint doesn't come up with a new WP soon. 

Any ideas when this might happen?  Next month? Christmas? or sometime in the far future?  I just want to know...



Thanks for your post. We're moving fast to get Windows Phone 8 devices on our network. The official announcement states they should be here by Summer. You can check out the information here > Thanks!


Sprint Social Care Team


I am SO GLAD you guys are moving fast to get WP8 devices on your network!

Oh wait, this was posted two months ago.

And summer is pretty much here.


Hi, Sprint...

I agree with @Musicman247 - Summer's almost here.  Just a month and 4 days to go, yet no further announcement since JANUARY 7th???

There's lots of rumor out there that we'll get the Samsung Ativ S and HTC 8X but, for 5 months, Sprint's been silent.  Where's our hoopla pre-sale like Samsung S4 got?  Where's our "Big Announcement" like the HTC ONE got?  Why are you ignoring us?  Really, if it is going to be these 2 devices, what's taking so long?  They're already out as WP8 devices on other carriers!

You're already well over a year behind other carriers for WP8 devices, and now the wait continues.  With just over 30 days 'til summer starts (and, since your announcement says "by summer", I assume the devices will be available by or before 6/21), we need confirmation of what devices will be offered and a FIRM release date.

Show us some love!  We're tired of beign ignored in favor of android and iphone!  Give us some answers!

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