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Fix: Palm Treo Pro (850e) Incorrect year in the Timestamp


Fix: Palm Treo Pro (850e) Incorrect year in the Timestamp

Palm Treo Pro (850e) - Incoming SMS showing an incorrect year in the timestamp. This was caused by the device attempting to translate a hexadecimal value into decimal when it should not, causing an inaccurate date to be displayed.

SMS 2016 Fix:

  • Note:  after downloading the CAB file fix, if a Hard Reset is performed after downloading, you will need to perform the download again as a hard reset clears any patch.


To download the Date Stamp Update, from your computer, go to the Palm Treo Pro download page for Sprint and follow the step-by-step instructions.

NOTE: You can install the update from your computer using Microsoft ActiveSync® or over the air directly to your phone. Before clicking the Download button on the Palm website, refer to the specific instructions for your desired method.

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