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Font size help needed for "aging" eyes!


Font size help needed for "aging" eyes!

I was excited about ordering the HTC Diamond but also a bit apprehensive: Even with progressive trifocals, I struggle with reading small print (prescription labels, packaging instructions, etc.). I wondered whether this phone would work for me.

My Diamond arrived and I've been playing with it for about 2 days. Although I love many of its features, I'm on the fence about whether to return it because of the small text size.

I went through the settings and found I could move the bar to the far right to increase the text size. When my phone number pad pops up, it's plenty large enough for me to see now. The problem is that the font remains TINY for texting purposes. I literally wind up closing one eye just to be able to read texts! And web browsing is pointless; same issue.

In a society hugely populated by aging Baby Boomers (born in 1946-1964; I'm nearly 45), there surely are millions of others out there like me who need subtle (okay, not so subtle) "enhancements" to make a fully loaded phone like the Diamond actually usable.

Someone please tell me that there's some other setting change option I've not yet found for increasing the font size to something more readable to my eyes! (Ideally, I'm looking for about a 10-point font).

I have discovered when attempting to read an incoming text that if I click to remove the keyboard, the overall text increases somewhat. I was hoping that if I rotated my phone, the text would switch to landscape and perhaps increase even more. I can't seem to get the phone to rotate with any sort of consistency in other programs, and so far, I've not held it "just right" and said the correct magic words to get it to rotate for texting...

The keypad is woefully small for my vision needs, as well. Factor in that I'm a lefty, and the whole texting experience goes out the window; my fingers/hand obstruct my already meager view. Part of it is that I'm new to texting. However, I'm increasingly convinced that the font and keyboard size issues are ultimately going to make texting or web browsing functionally impossible.


1. Are there other ways to increase the font size particularly for texting purposes?

2. Is there a handling or setting sequence that switches texting to landscape to help with the keypad issue?

3. If texting can be done in landscape mode, does it increase the font size?

4. If there are no solutions for nos. 1-3, are there alternative phones that might better meet my needs?

I've had my current phone for 3 years (Samsung PM-A840). It has a very large number display and crisp clear reception (people can't tell I'm on a cell phone). The Diamond is definitely a step up in terms of features, but if I'm unable to see well enough to use them, it's pointless to buy such an expensive phone.

The features I'm looking for are EXCELLENT (clear!) phone calling sound/reception, since I primarily use my phone for calls, plus vivid, clear screen viewing, slim handling size (ideally, to fit in a pocket) and an SAR rating of <1.0. I'd love to be able to use web, navigational, and especially texting features, if possible.

I'm likely going to return this phone if I can't find help for addressing the font size issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


When you're in a text message window, you can "rotate" your finger clockwise around the "OK" button, that will zoom in and increase the font size for the previously sent and received messages. Your previous change for the font size should've helped increase the "composing" section of the window. This gesture also helps zoom in on pages in the Opera web browser. I assume you probably already know about double-tapping on an area of the browser screen to zoom in and out. The "rotating" gesture is more finite than the double-tap.

There's also another setting under Start -> Settings -> Personal tab -> Input -> Options tab and "Default zoom level for writing and typing", you may try bumping those up a bit.

I have the Touch Pro so, I don't have a problem with switching to landscape when the hardware keyboard is slid out, but you may first want to try recalibrating the G-Sensor, under Start -> Settings -> System tab -> G-Sensor. If that doesn't work, you may want to look into a program called "Gyrator", I believe it may help with forcing the Diamond's screen to switch to landscape in certain programs.

Also, there's a number of replacement software keyboard programs out there, such as SPB Keyboard ( ) that will do a landscape keyboard and may help with your accuracy. There's also Resco Keyboard ( ), Pocket CM ( ), or Mr Hawaii's PCM Keyboard ( )

(Source: )

That said, if these tweaks aren't enough for you, you may want to look into the Samsung Instinct. It's exceptionally easy to use, the screen isn't as crisp as the Diamond, but the stock fonts are a little bigger and easier to read in some instances. Beware that the Instinct isn't as versatile or configurable as a Windows Media phone (by a longshot, unfortunately), do a lot of research and playing with it to ensure it's a good choice for you if you can get to a Sprint store. Note there isn't a native IM app (such as AIM, MSN, Yahoo Messaging) but there are third-party solutions for it. The landscape keyboard is pretty spacious but it was a bit inaccurate for my chubby fingers. The Touch Pro's hardware keyboard is the omega for me when it comes to composing long text. I personally am not crazy about the HTC software portrait keyboard and only use it for short stuff, but some people prefer using even it over the hardware keyboard.


OMG ... I could be writing this! I have the same problem with the tiny font also on the new HUGE display screens that are coming out. I dont understand it, the larger the screen, the smaller the text!

Let me know if you find a phone for our "aging" eyes. I am 47 yr old.

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