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HTC Mogul (6800) tons of stuff wrong with it...but dont want another one


HTC Mogul (6800) tons of stuff wrong with it...but dont want another one

History: I had a PPC6700 from 2005 all the way up until this year. Then I got myself a 6800 because the 6700 was starting to have..."erratic" behavior issues and it was just a brick compared to the 6800. Well I have had it for 6 months and already the end button on the phone has stopped working, the keyboard double types nearly every button I push (ssoo tthiiss wouulld beee mmyy teexxtt meessaaggee) and it has some weird spot on the screen where its brighter than the rest of my screen.

My brother in law has the same phone and his went kaput faster than mine. So we both went to a Sprint store and he turned it in (we both pay the $7 insurance per month) and was hoping for a replacement phone that WASNT a 6800...but wadda ya know, in the mail he not only receives a 6800, but its not even a new 6800. Its a pre-owned or refurbished unit. It had dings and knicks on it already.

I've had it with the quality of the Mogul. He's already developed issues with his replacement phone. How do we go about getting a Touch Pro (Mogul's replacement) or another type of Data phone without getting a 6800?

If there is no way this is possible, when is the 6800 going to be phased out as the replacement for Sprint Users phones of that model. I know newer models are offered for replacement because my actual brother cooked his clam shelled Samsung and they gave him a completely different model as a replacement.

Thank you!

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Re: HTC Mogul (6800) tons of stuff wrong with it...but dont want another one

Minter I feel for your pain. After about 15 months of outstanding use out of my Mogul it went kaput. Had some hardware and software issues as well. I called Sprint they sent a refurb. Long story short I went through 4 refurb that were all busts, DOA's, or dog's with different fleas. So I called Customer Care and said look the refurbs are junk, you credit my account the cost of my deductible from Asurion and I'll get the HTC TP. This is the model Asurion will repace your Mogul with. Model number is 6850, so don't be alarmed when it says that instead of Touch Pro. Anyways they credited my account, and I made my claim with Asurion and had them charge my Sprint account invoice for the deductible of 100.00 USD. Matter of fact Sprint must have felt guilty for making me go through this dilemma that I received another 100.00 USD credit on my account. Accident or on purpose who knows but I am not complaining. Anyways hope this helps and any questions PM me and I will be happy to help you deal with CS, I love to get their *bleep*es over a barrel.


Re: HTC Mogul (6800) tons of stuff wrong with it...but dont want another one

I am in the same position as you and the other person. I have received two replacement Moguls in one week.  The third is on the way.  If I understand your resolution, I need to file an insurance claim with Asurion and hope Sprint credits the $100 deductable?  Thanks.

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