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HTC Mogul Issues


HTC Mogul Issues

Have been playing with the Mogul for a few weeks. Came here from a Nextel i730. The windows functions seem to work fine. I like the battery life and service.Outlook integration is a breeze. all 500 of my contacts came right over.

There are few things that I would like to get resolved:

1. I cannot access "Sprint Radio" the web site says it is accessed via the Sprint TV menu but it does not come up on my phone. Tech support has been of no help.Surely as an ADD it has to be possible.

2. My Nextel easily recorded phone calls while I was on the phone. I cannot seem to get that to work on this phone.

It seems that most of the on line support is basic stuff and little help with the advanced topics.

I also have an AirRave, It works GREAT!

Because it is a Windows phone I am not sure where to go with issues? Does HTC support some of this directly? It there a place to post bugs so they can address them in a software update?

Any help or direction is appreciated.

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