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Changed out our HTC Pros for the HTC PRO II,

Like the larger screen and the improved keyboard.

The rest is up in the air.

1.     Phantom dialing a consistant issue.   

Even when the screen is in HOME PAGE positiion when you put the phone in the holster, and YES the unit is put on touch screen off/lock the phone recallspast History or just grabs a contact and dials it randomly.  And it is not necessarily the last historical call it may have been one from a day prior.

2.      Screen goes to alignment over and over again, which you have to go through the alignment again and then again.

3.     Screen goes to photo frequently

4.     Hang up from a call on the HTC mfg companies recommended Motorola Blue Tooth devise which was changd ou is impossible (GET THIS i was told; "YOU NEED TO PRESSS the end button on the blue tooth, INTO YOUR EAR FOR A MINIMUM OF 5 SECONDS")  and even if you do that , you get the surprise; either it doesn't hang up or goes to voice prompt that makes no sense.

5.     Frequently the phone screen opens up and changes your local time and date.

Besides that the phone looks nice and isn't much havier than our old one.

I'm convinced that HTC and the other Manufacturers intentionally make the phones to be NOT QUITE RIGHT so you upgrade to the newest and greatest model.

I've taken it back to the Sprint store and service center now three times and they are praying that the firmware upgrade due this quarter will fix some of the problems.




All the things you describe sound like they're caused by the screen being woken up while in your pocket/holster. Why don't you use the screen lock or download a screen locking program like:

S2U2: (freeware)

PocketShield: (not freeware)

Or any number of applications that lock the screen?

Search on google, you'll find plenty of applications to lock your device's screen.

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