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HTC PRO...can't get these issues solved...pls help

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HTC PRO...can't get these issues solved...pls help

I was wondering if anyone can help me. I had the mogual and upgraded and there are a complete of different settings on the HTC PRO that i can't get to work. I have called sprint tech support and even been transfered to Advance tech support and they still can't help me since they are just reading from the guide book. Here are my issues:

1. Besides using the volume buttons on the side of the phone to turn up the volume when you are in a call is there anyway to make the volume louder when you are speaking to some one so that you can actually hear what they are saying?

2. When you have touch-flo as your desktop how do you add different items onto the screen, right now it looks like this (time, date, call history, calendar) i want to add different items under calendar. I know how to add items on the desktop through settings/today screen/items but when touch-flo is checked the other items don't show up.

3. where in the world is the camera capture button?? i know how to activate the camera but can't seem to find the button to capture the picture (i know this is probley so easy)

Thanks in advance for any help...


Re: HTC PRO...can't get these issues solved...pls help

1. Normally just pressing the side up and down buttons will increase and decrease the earpiece volume while in the call. That's all i ever use and it's loud enough for me. If it's not for you, you should proabbly do a search to find programs/hacks to boost that volume.

2. I disabled touch flow so i could use the normal windows today screen - which then will display the other items checked in the "items" menu of the Today screen settings. i find touchflow to be nice looking, but not very practical to someone who needs to see information in one glance quickly.

Without a custom ROM or without specialized software you find online, you probably wont be able to customize the touch flow least thats my experience.

3. if you open the camera, tap the screen to see some other options show up. click the mechanical wheel (settings) and you can adjust the advanced settings to determine how you want the camera to react when taking photos. by default, the camera auto focuses when you're "touching" the main select/d-scroll button, and will take the photo when you press it completely down.

I have set mine to "full press" to focus and take photo.

Hope some of this helps. Sad to know that "advanced" tech support couldnt help you out.


Re: HTC PRO...can't get these issues solved...pls help

thank you very much..i did download diamond boost from and it increased the in call volume. I was able to take pictures now that i found the capture i do like the look of touchflo so i will wait and see if i can find something that will let me add items...thank you


Re: HTC PRO...can't get these issues solved...pls help

For customizing TouchFlo 3D I would recommend taking a look at they usually have all of the custom stuff listed and workarounds/fixes etc. It is not official, but its a good repository of information.

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