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HTC Snap screen crack help


HTC Snap screen crack help

My dad just bought a HTC Snap 16 days ago. Today I was playing with it and handed it back to him. An hour later he pulled it out of his pocket and it was all white except for a small area about 1 cm long and it was green. So we went to Best Buy to return it and get a new one but they said that the screen was cracked. They pulled out the battery and there was a small black line under the glass which apeared to be a crack on the actual LCD.

Best Buy said they could not return damaged phones. The problem lies in theres screen fracture being a manufactures defect because my dad was sitting on the couch the whole time and when he pulled it back out of his pocke it was broken.

We also viseted sprint because they are an actual HTC Repair center. Although they were not in they told us we were out of luck. I guess I have a few questions:

1. Is it possible to get this fixed or returned due to a manufactures defect? This phone has been in his pocket the whole time and he has never droped it. The device is in perfect condition the screen just cracked in his pocket. Sprint said it was a pressure crack but after we talked to the guy I went to the demo unit and squeezed the screen REALLY hard and it did not even effect the bottom LCD.

2. Would Sprint customer service be able to help reslove this issue?

3. If all else fails can we back charge Best Buy for not taking a return?

4. my incident is very similar to other problems like this one!;jsessionid=1E7669EF25CD5124E4D3861BB0A44D18.app2jive1

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Re: HTC Snap screen crack help

back charging best buy is not a bad idea. You would have to go to best buy and ask for the general manager, address him your concern. Of course he will side with his employees that's his job. Then tell him his store is going to be hit with a bad debt, if he doesn't care maybe his operations manager cares. They don't like bad debt, so they probably will resolve your issue then. also try Good Luck

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