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Greetings, I recently bought an HTC touch pro 2 as my 2 yr anniversary upgrade. I'm having really odd problems with email and hoping someone can help. I've spoken with sprint 3 times, and still not even a clue.. Here's the history:

I get the HTC touch pro 2. I have optimum online as my ISP.  I setup my email as such:

From the home page I click start. That returns a nice screen with tons of icons. The second one from the top is an email folder.

I tap the email folder. Now I got a messaging screen and I tap Set up E-mail. that returns a "set

up E-mail" option. I tap the set up option, choose other enter my email adress and the wizard creates the account for me. Do the same thing and set up my second account. NO problems, I can send and recieve. it's great. Next day I can download email but can't send. Confirm it's not a general email problem. Delete the accounts. Tap setup again. This time the wizard can't find what it needs. I set it up manually. It works for a day or so, then I get syncronization errors when I try and send, sometimes It will download but won't send. I have it working. Think I got it and the next day I have to do the whole drill again. Sprint had reprovisioned my phone twice, had me unlock the phone so they could some othe rstuff, I uess what evers on the script.

So... Does anyone know what could be wrong with the configuration so that I'd see intermittant behavior? Thanks in advance for any help.

I've lost a lot of respect for sprint over their inability to resolve this. Each time they try and transfer me to advanced tech support I get disconnected, I call again and then I eventually get to advanced tech support who read the same script that gets me nowhere. They don't understand that regardless of how cheap the plan is if you can't use it what's the point..

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