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HTC TOUCH PRO connection issues!!!


HTC TOUCH PRO connection issues!!!

I just bought my touch pro yesterday and I cannot get the phone to connect and down load any data, i.e messages, IE and anything else that uses data transfer. I just upgraded from the PPC-6700 and6700 phone worked great with no connection/data transfer problems. I have the unlimited data plan that I kept from the PPC-6700. I can connect to internet when the phone is connected to my computer while I syching.....any ideas????


Try the fix mentioned in #4 on this thread:
<a target="_blank" href=";highlight=dataconnection">;highlight=dataconnection

It may just be a matter of setting Active Profile to 1, but you must also have a "User Name" in the EPST for the data connection to work. Use your Sprint e-mail. If this doesn't fix it, call tech support, and they may need to reset your "Internet" access. You can also call them to get the MSL unlock code instead of using the MSL Grabber, just ask for it.

I had this same problem when I first got my phone, spent about an hour in a Sprint Store before the tech handed it back and told me it needed a username, to call tech support myself and to ask them to reset the network setting for the phone. Not sure why she just didn't do it for me, but... oh well.

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