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HTC TP2 downloading issues/issue larger file 473mb


HTC TP2 downloading issues/issue larger file 473mb

I am attempting to download a movie from a website. I connect and start the download and choose memory card to save the file. After the download starts I checked on it occassionaly and  I seen it download all the content. I go to look at the file and it is only 121mb. During the download the screen popped up with memory.....delete programs.... I didnt think much of it the memory card had over 2 gb free space. Is the phone capable of downloading large files? Or did I do something wrong? Any help would be great I am a new TP2 user and win mobile user.





What the h-e-l-l???

You're downloading a 473Mb file to your MicroSD card? Why not instead download it to your computer and copy it to your MicroSD card using an adapter?

Your approach is probably choking the life out of your connection which is probably why it's not working.

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