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HTC Touch Pro2: List of Bugs in ROM 2.04.651.4 (Windows 6.5) - End-User Known Issues


HTC Touch Pro2: List of Bugs in ROM 2.04.651.4 (Windows 6.5) - End-User Known Issues

The TP2 is pretty much crap and I've had so many problems with it that my friends and family have taken their business to other companies when it came time to get a cell phone.  That's 6 people who I personally could have easily convinced to become Sprint customers - and now they are forking their cash over to ATT and Verizon.  If you add in all the folks that have heard me complaining (because complaining to Sprint gets you nowhere, apparently), I bet it's well into the dozens.

Keep selling us crap, Sprint, and you'll even begin to lose folks like myself who are frustrated by POS like the TP2.  If parading your phones around in the store is a way to attract customers, how do you think it looks for you to have one of your longtime customers parading his problems with a formerly heavily touted phone in front of colleagues and friends? 

Your strategy of relying on half-baked market surveys and dismissing the verifiable concerns of individual customers is a poor way to gain, muchless retain, customers. Your customer service is getting shoddy and tech support is a joke.  At least sell us robust phones so we don't have entangle ourselves in these things and get so dang frustrated!

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