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HTC Touch2 aka HTC Mega


HTC Touch2 aka HTC Mega

So I went to the gdgt fair in NY earlier this year and when I mentioned the HTC Touch2 and the HTC Tattoo to the HTC representative, he informed me that there are no plans to bring these phones to the U.S yet. These phones are currently available in their overseas market in Europ and Asia.He went on to mention that avaailability of cell phones depends on the cell phone providers/carriers, it's up to them to say "We want this phone". So here is my plea:

Dear Sprint,

The HTC Touch2 (aka the HTC Mega) is a device that you want to look into offering to your customers. There are some of us who still appreciate the Windows Mobile OS phones and are not quite ready to jump to an Android OS just yet. I had the opportunity to test the HTC Hero Android phone ealier this week at a gdgt preview event here in NY. I initially noticed that the Android screen was non-resistive. To some, this might an improvement, however  I am accustomed to the Windows Mobile resisitive screen on my HTC Mogul. While navigating the HTC Hero, I experienced some difficulty with the responsiveness. Don't get me wrong, the HTC Hero is an awesome phone and I welsome the new Androud OS. Some new things take some getting used to, expecially within the world on technology. I have decided that I am much more comfortable with a Windows Mobile, as well as the resistive screen on my HTC Mogul. HTC happens to offer another Android device that has a resisitive touch screen for consumers like me. I implore you, please invest into the HTC Touch2, as I love the sleek, modern look of it, along with the fact that it has a Windows Mobile OS. The HTC Tattoo might not be a bad investment either, as some consumers I'm sure still appreciate a resistive screen.


HTC Touch2

HTC Tattoo

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Re: HTC Touch2 aka HTC Mega

I second the motion of the previous post, the touch2 looks to be a sweet phone, come on sprint!  I would sign up for a 5 year contract if they offer the Touch2 CDMA version.

Re: HTC Touch2 aka HTC Mega

Sprint's Android Phones seem to pale in comparison to Verizon's. 

The HTC Hero is terrible.  I am going on my third one... I hope this does not give me any problems!!!  And dealing with customer service is a pain!

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