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How can I possibly resurrect my HTC Snap, it fell in the Tub :-(?


How can I possibly resurrect my HTC Snap, it fell in the Tub :-(?

I need some help...I placed my phone in some rice yesterday after the incident occurred. I left it in the rice for about 5 hours. When i took it out it cut on but it was going crazy, opening different programs, and pushing numbers. It let me place one call and then after that it went crazy again. It needed to charge so i placed it on the chargers...its off at this point. But now it doesnt look like its charging and I cant cut it on...should i sit it back in the rice?? 😞

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Re: How can I possibly resurrect my HTC Snap, it fell in the Tub :-(?

Let it dry out for a few days and keep the battery out of it. The dryout may take up to a week. My Touch Pro 2 ended up in the wash while the tub was filling. I had it out before the cycle started but the damage was done. This happened about 3 weeks ago....I had to buy a temp phone from craigslist to get me by (because I'm too cheap for insurance and my old sprint phones just don't work anymore). After about 5 days (in rice) it would turn on but acted flakey like you are describing. It would be perfect for about 3 minutes then start flashing between random things. I ended up finding a touch pro 2 on line that I bought to replace the first one. I have since turned on my old TP2 after more dryout time and re-setting the touch screen it seems to be working fine. I should have re-activated that phone probably and sold the other one I bought but who knows how long it'll last after it's swim. I would borrow an old phone from someone and activate that on your account. Let yours dry out for at least a week. Good luck....

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