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Is Anyone from Sprint Reading "We Want More Windows Phones"?

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Re: Is Anyone from Sprint Reading "We Want More Windows Phones"?

Well as far as Windows 8 is concerned it still will be usable on the  desktop. I tried pulling some articles for you from the Building Windows  8 page so you could read up on it, but currently at the moment it's  down. They have more technical based articles and explain their design  decisions better.  Unfortunately for now, I'll just have to linke this  from PC Mag:

As  for Windows Phone that was more of a personal choice. When it was first  announced and they had a video demo of how the OS would operate I knew  it fit my lifestyle better in that I wouldn't have to hack my phone  anytime I wanted to do something.  Not that I entirely mind, but it says  something about a product when you always have to do something in order  to get it working the way you want it to (I still felt like that when I  used to run Ubuntu).  The other thing was that I liked the glance and  go nature as well as organization of function via the Hubs.

Every time I'd look at my gf's iPhone or my buddies  Android there would be nothing but pages upon pages.  For me even having  multiple virtual desktops can be a bit of a pain and having that on a  phone...well I don't want to be bothered.  Other than that I found it  handled most of the stuff that you would expect other smartphones would  do, but the fact that it added some integration like Facebook, Skydrive,  Xbox Live, and Office ended up sealing it.  Facebook more so, not so  much because I'm a social network whore, but because given that  everyone's on facebook, it was the best way to use that as a persistent  cloud based contact list every time I upgrade.

Aesthetics also had a play in that it looked different.  Granted the gloss of icons has some appeal, but the fact that as of  right now it doesn't look like a grid of icons is refreshing.   Blackberry seems to be trying to mix the two which is interesting, but I  digress.

As time has gone on since launch I've  learned more about what Microsoft is trying to do and I appreciate that  they're trying to do with their limited hardware spec and the OS.  One  that pops into mind is how they've totally kept in mind the minimizing  of battery life by optimizing for the SoC and CPU and other hardware along with system tasks.

But what I say doesn't matter what you think. Go into a microsoft store and demo a windows phone.

Oh and check this vid out

MeatMan69 wrote:

Im not on the Apple bandwagon. It  was my wife who wanted an iPhone for her birthday.  I inquired last week  how she liked it and she stated "I like Siri but miss my Evo". I buy  every new Windows operating system. But I have always used a large  monitor for my desktop. (by large I mean a 46" Samsung 120 Hz 1080p  w/all the Internet options). I am not going to be touching my monitor  nor will I be replacing it. Windows 8 sounds great for a notebook, not  so much for a traditional desktop (with a traditional monitor). All  smart phones are touch enabled so obviously I am used to that.

JR,  educate me here. Give me some reasons that have you so excited about  Windows phones. Other than a new name and perhaps running the same basic  operating system on both desktop and phone what will it do that would  make me want it? I am open minded and if I could better understand why  this would be something I would need or want I would buy it. I have  always considered myself geeky but again my first Windows based phone  was (are you ready?) an Audiovox Window based Verizon smart phone 6 or 7  years ago and it was the worst phone I ever owned. I then went to a  Palm (forgot the model), Palm 700, Plam 755p. Palm Pre (second worst  phone, iPhone killer my ***), Evo 4G, Evo 3D, and the next one will be  the new Android quad core I assume coming out by HTC in June.


Re: Is Anyone from Sprint Reading "We Want More Windows Phones"?

I will be abandoning ship on Sprint if they don't announce a new Windows Phone device soon. I love Sprint, but I love Windows Phone more. The HTC Arrive was a great phone a year ago, but now with devices like the Titan, Titan II, Focus S and Lumia 800/900 it has been left in the dust. Wise up Sprint, I know you guys have dumped tens of millions in to the iPhone... but Windows Phone is here to stay.

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