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Is The 'Windows Network' Down For Sprint?


Is The 'Windows Network' Down For Sprint?

I bought my HTC 8XT yesterday and have not been able to add my live account to the phone.

I've tried every possible solution I've come across online (check the date/time, turn off MMS backup, hard reset, soft reset, connect to WIFI, yada yada.)

Based on information from another user having a similar issue, I can only assume that the network or some kind of authentication server is down.

So my question is... Is there something going on with the network?

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It has been confirmed that there is an outage.

"At this moment, there is an outage that is affecting the Microsoft Account Service and that is the reason why you cannot add the account to the phone.

Our best engineers are working on the issue and we hope it will be solved soon.

Thanks for your patience!

Kind regards,


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Re: Is The 'Windows Network' Down For Sprint?

It would be swell if sprint would be ever so kind as to keep users on windows network informed with the process if you ask me

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