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Is anyone else having this issue? TP, random reboots, battery drain?


Is anyone else having this issue? TP, random reboots, battery drain?


I'm on my second TP. The new one had an issue with the keyboard just dying. Now, this refurbished one just reboots at random times. I will be sitting there at work, the unit is plugged into the wall charger and for no reason, it reboots. I have done a hard reset, even reinstalled all my software from scratch just to see that that was not an issue. Nothing changed. PLUS, the battery will NOT keep a charge. I can watch it charging and the minute I pull it off the wall charger, it drops to nearly 50% from a 100% charge less than a second ago.

Anybody else having these issues?

I've tried advanced exchange and I DO NOT want another TP. Especially not another reconditioned TP.


So, not a single user is having these issues? And, not a single Sprint rep has an answer?

And is it a wonder come december I'm going to another provider?


I had a similar problem the other day. My TP would just reboot over and over or reboot and lock up. So I remembered installing a program the day before and decided to take out the memory card. It booted normally with no problem. Later I powered down to put the memeory card back in and rebooted. So far it's working fine with no problems. Just to be safe I removed that last program from the TP.

I had another problem several months ago with the TP not powering up at all. I took it to the Sprint Store and the Sales Rep. stated it was the battery. He replaced the battery and also gave me an extra one just in case. He claimed the batteries on the TP don't last very long.


So far, i've replaced the battery with the one that was from the original NEW unit, same thing still occurs:

random reboots

power not staying in the battery once it's disconnected from the power source. I disconnect and the battery drops to about 50%.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Then my best guess is the refurbished TP is the culptit. I'd take it back to your local Sprint Store and let them see the problem for themselves. If it can't be repaired, then they should offer you another unit. Now if they do, it probably will be another refurb unit. But if you cry enough, you may be able to get a new unit. Maybe. Now all of this assumes your battery is in good condition and is not the problem. But that's something they should check for when they're looking at it. Good luck!


I appreciate the response. I spent about 45 minutes, being disconnected, sent back to the queue, disconnected, even spoke with retentions. They offered me the following:

refurbished TouchPro.

Sprint doesn't truly seem to care about losing customers. The latest numbers came out about the bleeding of customers from sprint. Is it any wonder? They want to give me ANOTHER refurbished touchPro. My contract is up in 1.5 months.

There are a lot more choices with Android now on the market.

Sprint, do you even care that a customer for almost 5 years is looking to leave? You could do the right thing and not offer me a Treo or a BlackBerry, which, if you haven't noticed ARE NOT comparable phones.

Oh, yeah, my other option. "upgrade" at "normal" price of $349 (yeah, right) to a touch Pro 2. No discounts, no anything. THIS is what they offer any new customer. THIS is not a comparable discount.

I could go to verizon and get a phone for $199 for a TouchPro. Yes, their plans are bit more, but I'd be saving $150 off the top.

I seriously do not understand what Sprint is thinking. Lose a customer, save $150.

Great idea.


The Diamond and Touchpro had problems with the radio unit that caused them problems with locking onto cell signal and BT issues which both caused excessive battery drain.   If you look you'll find even stationary with no clouds your signal bar will fluctuate as much as 4 bars to no bars.    You'll often find the unit heats up which also causes battery drain.

The CDMA version of the phone had several issues none of which were discovered or at least held back because of beta testing.   This is the sort of thing that was posted in 100 places the first day the phone was released yet wasn't apparently discovered during Sprints "extensive" beta testing program "both internal and external".

Some people who don't sync their e-mail often and don't use BT may not notice the battery drain as much as others however if you go to xdadevelopers, pdaphonehome, and ppcgeeks you will find thousands of posts about this starting the very first day the phone was available from Sprint.


Well I'm not completely blaming Sprint for the TP problems. After all, they didn't make the phone. I too am a long time Sprint customer (7 1/2 yrs). Every issue I've had, Sprint has handled to my satisfaction. So I have no complaints with them. This TP phone however is a separate issue.  I've had my share of issues with my TP, but nothing a good soft reset couldn't fix. I have yet to ask for an exchange and probably won't since I'm currently due an upgrade. It makes me wonder if I should upgrade to the TP2 or go with the Hero or something else entirely. As it stands now, I have no beef with Sprint, and their plans are just what a budget-minded person such as myself needs. The way I see it. You pay more in the long-term with Verizon and AT&T even though their upfront costs are cheaper. They recoup their money and then some over the course of the plans they offer. It's your basic deferred money strategy. Some folks don't mind it. I do.


I have yet to set up a TP2 for any of my clients but I can tell you although the TP and Diamond were all rated pretty low by users, the TP2 got much higher marks.   Again since I haven't set up any for my clients I can't personally tell you if the battery issues were resolved, I would hope so.

I do feel justified in blaming Sprint for the TP and Diamond issues.   They had over 6 months to beta test the unit and they didn't discover the battery issue?   I honestly believe Sprints Beta testing consists of putting a phone in a drawer while reading magazines for 6 months until it is time to approve it.   If you look at ppcgeeks I posted this issue the very first day I had the phone (the day it was released) along with many others.   How is it end users discovered this the very first day and the 6 month beta program didn't uncover it?  I'm not claiming to be a phone genius - I know more than some and less than others.   But if I discovered it within 24 hours and the "professional" beta testers didn't uncover it - what is their purpose other than to delay the release of a phone until it is obsolete?


All of this is depressing.

Sprint doesn't give a crap about users. Once you're hooked on a plan, the phones all suck.

Refurbish after refurbish.

I went through about 5 moguls before I got them to switch me to a TouchPro. I remember THOSE conversations. The Moguls were even MORE problematic.

I don't understand and I find myself saying that a lot about Sprint.

I'm assuming considering how many people are leaving sprint in droves, lots of people are saying this.

All this and not a single sprint representative has offered any advice.


HTC Touch PRO™

Had a second conversation with sprint customer support and tech support. WOW, those poor guys, they must be really embarrassed to be working for such a craptastic company.

Again, only offered me the party line:

Blackberry or Treo, so I decided to do a price comparison of what they were offering me in exchange for the phone I currently have as a comparable phone by sprint's OWN value of what these phones cost customers if they were to sign up with a new 2-year plan:

BlackBerry® Tour™ 9630                                                $149.99

BlackBerry® Tour™ 9630 Smartphone non-camera            $149.99 (what I find absolutely hilarious is some poor sucker is going to go for a non-camera                                                                                      phone priced exactly at the same price)

BlackBerry® Curve™ 8350i                                              $149.99

Treo™ PRO by Palm®                                                     $149.99

NOW compare that wiith what Sprint values a TouchPro (new) as a new 2-year contract:

HTC Touch PRO™                                                         $299.99

HTC Touch Pro 2                                                            $349.99

WOW, even sprint's "alternative comparable" phones aren't worth HALF as much as a craptastic touchpro but THAT is what we're expected to take as customers. phones that even Sprint doesn't think much of and discounts to less than $150 whereas the SAME phone that I have now, that is NOT working is DOUBLE the price.

What a load of absolute twaddle.

I've been told I will ONLY be getting a refurbished TouchPro.

No worries, sprint, you've lost another customer.

Oh, and for anyone interested in how many customers Sprint has lost THIS quarter:

801,000 people leaving. well at least it was "less" than they expected.

LOVELY JOB sprint.

Excellent work retaining yet another customer.


I love how sprint treats its customers. I decided to give in and get a refurbished TouchPro.

This is the status of events so far:

Thursday, October 29, 2009: I call and get connected with tech support, woman there "I'll send it to your work address".

Turns out "in the last month" Sprint changed its policy about mailing to secondary addresses, it's NOT ALLOWED???? Yet, NO ONE AT SPRINT INFORMS ME???

Tuesday, November 4, 2009: I call back wondering where the email is about my phone and the shipment informaton. I'm informed, "Oh, this was sent that you'd pick it up in a store and nothing else was done."


THIS tech says, i can only ship to your home address. When I inform the tech that the phone WILL be left outside my door and I'm not there to get it, he says, "oh, no, UPS's contract with us says they can't leave it." WANT TO BET?? They do leave stuff outside the door all the time. When I called them about the PREVIOUS refubished phone which is NOW being replaced again, they said, "So, the driver can do what he likes on his discretion.' So, YES, UPS DOES LEAVE STUFF OUTSIDE THE DOOR.

So, not being given a choice, OR A DIFFERENT PHONE MODEL even though I say the Samsung Moment, is that on the replacement list? I'm told yes, but I HAVE TO FIRST GO THROUGH THE THREE?? refurbished phones before they'll even offer me another type of phone.

I say fine, ship to my home address, when it's stolen, SPRINT can deal with replacing it again.

I get off the phone with the tech, and IMMEDIATELY a Replacement Phone Order Information email arrives, you know what it says?

Dear Valued Sprint Customer:

We would like to thank you for your recent Phone Replacement       Order, and apologize for the problems you are experiencing       with your phone.  Below is a summary of your transaction and key       questions/reminders regarding your Phone Replacement Order.

We regret to inform you that your order is in a back order status.       Once your order is complete and ready to ship, we will notify you with tracking information.


First tech never ONCE told me they couldn't ship to my work, just did whatever they wanted and never informed me.
Second tech doesn't inform me the phone's on BACKORDER

WHAT IS WRONG WITH SPRINT?? Retentions gets on on my FOURTH phone call and says, "I can partner with my tech support and see what we can do." Yeah, she transfers me after a 20 minute wait and tech support has NO CLUE why i"m there. When I AGAIN go through all the explanations, I am hung up on.


EACH REP SAYS, "Well, i can't speak for what the other person did, but I CAN AND WILL HELP YOU." AND THEN FAILS MISERABLY.

My contract ends on 12/28/2009, it would be worth it to go to another provider to not have to deal with such incompetence.   


I swear Sprint has no clue what they're doing. I've been calling sprint since 12:35, have made no LESS THAN FIVE phone calls. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

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