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Is anyone else having this issue? TP, random reboots, battery drain?


Is anyone else having this issue? TP, random reboots, battery drain?


I'm on my second TP. The new one had an issue with the keyboard just dying. Now, this refurbished one just reboots at random times. I will be sitting there at work, the unit is plugged into the wall charger and for no reason, it reboots. I have done a hard reset, even reinstalled all my software from scratch just to see that that was not an issue. Nothing changed. PLUS, the battery will NOT keep a charge. I can watch it charging and the minute I pull it off the wall charger, it drops to nearly 50% from a 100% charge less than a second ago.

Anybody else having these issues?

I've tried advanced exchange and I DO NOT want another TP. Especially not another reconditioned TP.


If you want to send me a private message with your name and phone number, I will ask someone to contact you.



While I appreciate the sentiment, have you not read ANYTHING in the post you responded to so far? I HAVE contacted sprint, I even contacted Executive customer support and EACH AND EVERY person there either transferred me, lied to me, was incompetent, or hung up on me. Each one started with the stock phrase:

"I KNOW I CAN SOLVE YOUR ISSUE" and demonstrated that not only could they NOT solve the issue, they just exacerbated a bad one to begin with. Every single person I have dealt with has shown me TWO things:

1. They are incapable of doing anything because apprarently corporate policies inside Sprint are stupid and are created to frustrate customers to the point where the reps are left with only one phrase, "The system will NOT allow me to do anything else."

Rep #1: Lied about being able to ship to my work address, even though yesterday I was informed that the change was made "LAST MONTH", yet, this rep took all my information and did nothing more than forward a ticket to a repair center, NEVER infromed me of what she could and could not do. NO ONE let me know and let non-shipment sit for 4 days.

Rep #2: Created an order ONLY for a refurbished phone ONLY to my home address where I kept informing them that it would be stolen and said, "The system won't even let me do anything else." There is NO idea by sprint reps to try to work with customers, JUST repeat the party line over and over again. AND THEN KNOWING that the touchpro is out of stock STILL made the refurb order. WHY? Why not just tell me beforehand? Why not work with the customer and ship a different phone out. I EVEN CHECKED that the Samsung Moment was on the exchange list would NOT send it. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

By the time I spoke to a supervisor at Second Tier Advanced Exchange who informed me that he wasn't gonig to do anything and that an order should never have been made. Apparently, i had to go to a store, which I went to and waited for 3 hours until i was informed that the tech went to lunch. See, we all have oodles of time so sprint can screw around.

So, Sarah, honestly, I DO NOT believe for a moment that after speaking with no less than 15 reps and even executive support and supervisors, I am absolutely convinced that Sprint is employing ONLY incompetent people who are more interested in passing the buck and denying that they can help when they start with that they are CONVINCED that regardless of what ever else someone said, THEY could solve my problem.



I did read your posts and it seemed to me that you were still looking for assistance so I offered.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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