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Just got Touch Pro - love it and hate it... should I return it?


Just got Touch Pro - love it and hate it... should I return it?

I got a Touch Pro this past Saturday to replace my aging 700w.

At first glance and use I loved it, one of the most awesome phones I have used yet.

By the end of the day and every day since, my love is starting to turn to hate.

Every other program gets "an error has occurred" in just about every program that exists on the phone. I haven't done any customizations, haven't added any additional programs. I have done a factory reset and first use of Pocket Express, Telenav or take your pick, gets an error.

Battery life is horrible compared to my 700w.

After the first day, I can no longer slide the task bar along the bottom of the touchflo screen, the icons just don't move unless I actually tap on one so that it moves over just a bit.

I have seen there a hacks out to help the battery life but geez... that's ridiculous. I can use the 700w pretty heavily and only charge every 2-3 days on a 2 year old battery. This pathetic TP turns off and is completely dead after 3-4 hours of moderate usage (and no I'm not watching sprint tv 3 hours straight, barely watch it all).

The phone is really slow compared to the 700w. Switching apps, opening programs actually takes a second or two.

Why can't I forward a SMS message? The forward is option is greyed out.

The phone turns itself off sometimes.

Things I still love... the camera.... WOW, really nice pics after using the 700w camera for the last couple of years. I love the screen and would love the touchflo if it actually 'flowed'. I like the slide-out keyboard and full screen web browsing. Opera really operates closer to a desktop browser than I have ever seen. The on-screen keyboard is pretty easy to use when I don't want to slide open the keyboard, even with my big fingers. The telenav gps function is pretty amazing, very impressive to be included on a phone for no extra charge for the service (I have 500 $30 SERO plan).

I was out of contract, so with $150 discount I got the phone for $399 plus there is a $100 mail in rebate so final price will be $299. I've been a Sprint customer for over 10 years so I thought with that new vip service I was to get a phone for the new account price so did I get screwed on the price?

Did I get a bad phone or is this normal?

Is there something better coming out soon that I should just return this and wait for?


Sounds to me like a bad phone. Only issue out of those that sound familiar and could be considered "normal" for the pro is the battery life. Even then though usually after 1 or 2 deep cycles the battery life works itself out to be decent (at least it did for me). All of the rest of those sound kind of like a bad ROM flash from the factory.


Do a hard reset....that might help.

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