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Lock the keys and screen of your HTC Touch Pro2


Lock the keys and screen of your HTC Touch Pro2

How do you unlock the keypad and screen by using the keyboard only (w/o touching the keypad)?  I think I changed the function of the Long End Switch to vibrate/no vibrate a while the instructions offered in this forum for unlocking the keys does not work - because my keypad does not respond to any touch.  This might be impacted by the "theme" I'm using, as the options for "All Programs", "All Settings", "Menu", etc. are on the keypad - so not reachable with the up/down or left/right arrow keys (that I know of....there may be a function or shift key of some sort that will direct the "cursor" to these important "buttons".  I hope this makes sense - it is a bit difficult to explain.  I have already tried several soft resets and everything else works appropriately as far as I can tell.  Thank you so much for any assistance!

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