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Lumia 635 on Sprint!


Re: Lumia 635 on Sprint!

Yes, apparently Sprint thinks all Windows Phone fans are poor and will only buy a nearly free phone. Other than a slightly faster processor, it is less a phone than my Samsung Ativ S


Re: Lumia 635 on Sprint!

Roaming issues with Lumia 635!!

While I am usually down in the Texas area, and have no problems (Except for constant Voicemail notifications when there are NO voicemails), I have a house in Maine.  I get service along the I95 Corridor, but once I go into ROAMING I CAN'T make/receive calls, and no texting!!!!!!  There is the roaming triangle, with full bars, BUT I constantly get a "System Busy", and the phone is useless.  I have tried EVERYTHING (Including calling customer support), and STILL NOTHING.  I had a Samsung GS3, before this, and never had this issue!!

This is COMPLETELY unacceptable Sprint!!!!

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