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Microsoft Outlook 2010 & WMDC Synchronization FAIL -


Microsoft Outlook 2010 & WMDC Synchronization FAIL -

Hello - I'm posting on several forums because there are just too many people having the same issue - Everyone with this problem should ask for a refund from Microsoft - maybe they'll correct the problems....

MS Outlook 2010, in any iteration, does not function correctly with Win7 64-bit and WMDC - Yes, you can sync some files, but not contacts, notes, mail, or correctly operate third-party applications, such as CardScan that share/sync data with MS Outlook -

Here's some history: I began with installing MS Office 2010 64-bit to match my Win7 environment. As I am running Win7 64-bit, I downloaded and ran the latest Mobile Device Center 64-bit. Nothing functioned with MS Outlook 2010. I followed the errors through Google and found that MS Office 2010 (specifically MS Outlook 2010) 64-bit will not function with ActiveSync, Mobile Device Center, nor any programs sharing data with Outlook.

Uninstalled MS Office 2010 64-bit and the installed MS Office 2010 32-bit. Again, as I am running Win7 64-bit, still required the latest Mobile Device Center 64-bit (Windows will not allow loading of the 32-bit version). This did not work - Same errors; I could sync files, but not contacts, notes, media, etc. Also, as I utilize Cardscan Executive to capture business cards and had automatically sync'd data between Cardscan and Outlook, I noted that this feature would not function either.

Uninstalled MS Office 2010 32-bit and installed MS Office 2007. Everything worked out of the gate - nothing to configure on this end. Outlook 2010, in any form, will not function with the Mobile Device Center or any application that shares data with it. For me, Outlook 2010 rendered my business contact management schema useless. I am requesting a refund from Microsoft - More to follow on their response and action...

Here is HTC's response this a.m. on the subject:

Thank you for your reply. I actually was preparing to let you know that the problem was Office/Outlook 2010. For whatever reason, Microsoft has not updated the synchronization software to work with the new format used in Outlook 2010. We experience the same problem with our Android phones as well utilizing HTC Sync; no compatibility with Outlook 2010. I know that our engineers are doing everything they can on that front to provide compatibility with Outlook 2010, but I can't speak for Microsoft's side. I will certainly send this information up as a suggestion to the proper department, and I do apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.



As I mentioned at the beginning - if you are experiencing this headache, simply write to Microsoft or visit your retailer and request a refund - It is possible, as it states so in Microsoft's Terms and Conditions.  Best of luck!

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