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More Windows Phones, Please


More Windows Phones, Please

Why do you only carry one Windows Phone that has been out a year and a half now.


I have had my Windows phone for over a year and have been very happy with it.  The only thing I see lacking compared to Android, other than a week calendar view, is the lack of apps, but the count is growing every day.   Microsoft is not going to let this fail.  Look at how they did not give up with the Xbox and now it is the most popular console.

Check this out.  It is the only phone OS with increased developer interest over the last 6 months.

It is annoying enough how the sales people push Android so much, despite when you tell them what you are actually interested in.  (Every carrier does this for some reason.  Do they make a larger commision with Android?)   Now I suppose they will be doing this with the iPhone as well, even though everyone who wanted an iPhone is already with a different carrier.  Of course the sales are not going to be steller when your salespeople keep doing this, and the vast majority of consumers go in and buy whatever the salespeople suggest.  I spend enough time shopping for my last phone to see this happen about 20 times.  

Guess what, put more windows phones in your store, and more poeple will buy them.   (As well as keep you as a carrier.)   How many different identical Android phones do you need space for???

Please at least pick up the new Nokia WP7 CDMA phones:

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