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My Windows Phone 8 Dilemma


My Windows Phone 8 Dilemma

Ok, so my family and I have been Sprint customers literally forever and I love the fact that the company has the best value for your money than any other carrier out there. However, and this is a huge "however," this whole thing with Windows Phone 8 is beginning to confuse me. Why is it taking so long to get some sort of information about the phones Sprint will be offering and when they will be offering them? It seems interesting to me that the company comes out and says that it is "bullish" about the new operating system, and yet here we are, nearly 6 months after its release and still no confirmation on when the HTC and Samsung phones are going to be released. I have and HTC Evo: worst phone ever made for someone like me who uses his phone constantly and who drops phones just as frequently (first day I got it, I dropped it). Fast forward 3 years and here we are. I'm sick of Apple (have an iPod Touch 2nd gen, definatly not liking how expensive this company's devices are to own) and Android is no different than Apple only they have a much larger phone ecosystem yet the quality of said phones really only lasts the life of the contract (if you're extremely lucky). Suffice to say when I heard the news about Windows Phone 8 coming to Sprint, I was literally jumping up and down until I got to the caveat: the vague language surrounding the release date. A device arriving sometime by summer could mean anything, but I decided to wait, patiently crossing my fingers that Sprint wouldn't let me down. Fast forward to now, and still nothing.

With all of this being said, I'm making a request of the company to give me some answers. Why is this taking so long? When will I get a concrete release date? When will I actually get a glympse of these new phones? I love how a company that is "bullish" about the Windows Phone 8 OS has been able to release 2 new phones (the One X and the S4) within weeks of their being announced to the public and yet are still unable to give me an actual time frame in which your Windows Phone 8 devices are going to be available for purchase. It baffles me how little information is out there about these Windows phones your company plans to release by some unknown date and how much is out there about the One X and S4 which have OSs that already permeate your store. Please, it would be nice to get some information about this and I think that it will certainly help your public image more than you know because reading a lot of these community posts, people are not too happy about this whole issue and something tells me that the problem is with a lack of communication from your end. It is worrisome when a website like The Verge is telling me that your company is going to be giving me low-to-mid range phones like the Ativ and the Tiara. Is it true? Can someone confirm or deny this information, because it seems a little ridiculous that we wait so long and all you can come up with is two phones that are not all that more advanced than phones released 6 months ago.

If the company does not come through for me, then I am going to reach out to the community: what do you think about this whole situation and do you think that AT & T, Verizon, or T-Mobile are better choices for people that want this particular operating system? Because let's face it, to be perfectly honest, Sprint needs to understand the idea of what happens in a market economy: the consumer talks and if you can't give the consumer what it wants, you lose business and you lose money. And I can bet that anyone looking for a Windows Phone 8 device is certainly not looking for the Ativ or an HTC device that has a subpar screen resolution. Just a thought. My phone is on its last leg: the screen is cracked quite extensively, the plastic body has more than its share of battle scars, and my contract has been up for a whole year, so I have nothing to lose by switching carriers at the drop of a hat besides the peace-of-mind I get from having unlimited data (even though half the time the connection is poor and I only use about 2 GB in a good month, much more on wi-fi but that's free anyway). $20 more a month will not bother me when I'm carrying the satisfyingly high quality "Incredible Hulk" of phones in my hands.

Just a few thoughts, everyone. Maybe I'm just  a materialistic Millennial. Who knows...

Thank you!

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Even though I'm excited about today's announcement, I believe the pricing is too high by at least $50 for both phones which sort of puts me on the same side of the fence as JohnnyPDX23.  When my contract expires, I will definitely shop around, but most likely wait until Full HD and quad core.  Sorry Johnny, I won't be one of the saps that picks up the first WP8 phones at $100 over market value.  I'm guessing the 8XT will be free a month or so after launch and possibly the Samsung as well.  My advice is to hold off a little to see how the pricing plays out, especially at retailers like Best Buy.


Agreed and agreed. It's naïve of Sprint to think they can charge those prices when other carriers are selling comparatively equal and better WP8 phones for less or nothing at all. The sad thing I think is when they do correct the prices to be more appropriate, it will look like a sign of weakness that the phones aren't selling and Sprint is getting desperate to offload their stock much like what happened with the HTC First "Facebook" phone. I haven't seen a debacle like that since the Kin... 😕

I think it would have been much wiser for them to come out bold and dominate the platform. Instead, they're letting AT&T get all the choice devices and just like the iPhone, they'll reap the most benefit from the exclusivity in the long-run even after other carriers get those same devices. When the Nokia EOS/1020/Zoom or whatever you want to call it comes out, it will be hard for me to stay with Sprint when they keep claiming these great-if-it-were-a-year-ago phones are the cats meow. My contract has been up for a year and it's getting REALLY hard for me to see why I should stick around, and I'm a die-hard Sprint loyalist! I have 4 lines on my family plan that are up for grabs if they don't show some guts soon and get "bullish" like they said they were going to be.

It's reminiscent of Blackberry that for the longest time was coming out with phones that were excellent...if it was THREE YEARS AGO...but instead felt stale coming out of the gate. Even with their well reviewed BB10 devices coming out now, they're trying to play catch-up and crawl back up a huge ladder to the top when they were the de-facto smartphone leaders before AT&T and Apple got into bed together. If you recall, back then the iPhone didn't have the bottomless pit of apps they have now, and they still took over. Now it's the iPhone that is being called "stale", "not innovative" and "copying both Android and Windows Phone". Now is the time to strike!!!

If I don't see a device I really like by Christmas, I'll go to AT&T, buy their top tier offering at an unsubsidized price and activate it with T-Mobile. I can break even or even come out ahead in the long run, still get "unlimited" data and never even think about looking back.

Let's do this Sprint! Show some moxie and I got your back. Twiddle your thumbs and I'll take the $2400 a year I'm paying you to just be disappointed elsewhere.


Despite the pricing, I will very likely be staying with Sprint and getting one of the two WP8 phones when available for 2 reasons:

1) I really need a new phone. My Samsung Epic 4g running Android is just starting to crap itself inside out and I don't think it'll hold out much longer.

2) There's no guarantee that there will be a second wave of Sprint WP8 devices so soon. I'll take what I can get while it's available and "new"



Thanks for the post. Glad to hear about your excitement over the Windows phone 8. I know a lot of users have been waiting for this. I'm much like you in the fact we both like the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to tech. Your last 2 sentences pretty much sum up the reason for these delays and current offerings. When these OS specific devices were out prior to this current gen. Customers were just not interested in them. So by asking the users to support this phone is a very important thing. If no one buysthese devices and they sit in our warehouse forever. We will have to mark them down so they can get out of our stock. It will probably not get the attention of the team that makes these device orders and anything new will be over looked. Just like in any business. If it does not sell, What's the point of carrying it? If it sells great, then I'm positive we will carry the higher end devices. Simple supply and demand.


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There are two fundamental flaws with Sprint's strategy that you just outlined.

1. "If no one buys these devices they sit in our warehouse forever" -- This is absolutely true. Unfortunately for Sprint, your competition released (at this point 3 quarters) earlier and the customers who were eager to pick up this generation of Windows operating system have already left or are simply waiting for their contracts expiring to leave (like myself.)

2. "Just like in any business. If it does not sell, What's the point of carrying it?"   --  You have to market it to actually sell it. Keeping tight lipped so much that Sprint employees do not even build hype for it is a self defeating conspiracy to ENSURE that these devices will not be sold and Windows will not be supported by your company. What is Sprint's marketing strategy? All 3 of your competitors were playing commercials on TV months before releases of Windows phones. This is called Market hype and excitement. It's what you want to do when you want to build anticipation for a device(s) so that they will sell well.

P.S. If Sprint's Marketing team would like to employee me they can send a request with a salary figure and I'd be happy to explain all of this and set it up, since it is clear they either cannot or will not do very fundamental things to ensure successful sales of these devices.


Marketing is especially important when setting price points signficantly higher than competition for similar, if not, inferior products.  We are not trying to be jerks about this, but why should we pay more for inferior product.  Like I said previously, I'm confident these phones will be discounted a month or so after launch and if I'm still a Sprint customer, I will definitley consider the Ativ at $50 or less.


I am very pleased to read this announcement BUT... Sprint dropped the ball big time and now they're gonna take some heat for it. They should have been ready way back when like everybody else not just now that they can see WP is picking up steam on the market.

Now that I got that out of the way lets get to a few points I think are important. I don't really understand the anger over the price of the devices, I admit I haven't scanned every carrier and compared prices considering what I wanted was WP on Sprint and now it is. If it's $50 bucks cheaper on another network that alone isn't enough to switch (for me anyway). What I don't like is the activation fee, I'm already a Sprint customer why do I have to pay this???

Next can we please drop the "specs" issue?? 1 core or 50 it doesn't matter! As I understand it there currently isn't any software that can even take advantage of these multiple cores and by the time there is you will have upgraded anyway. All this "technobabble" boils down to marketing hype.

Last I'd like to say I hope Sprint learns a valuable lesson here, just because you have these two phones don't think that's it. Get your *** in gear and start working on the next wave of WP phones like your competition is.


My whole problem with this whole fiasco is, is this showing a pattern of what to expect from Sprint concerning WP.  I see no reason to doubt this and I am unwilling to continue to deal with this.  This is how they reacted to WP7 and now WP8.  Why not WP8.5 or WP9?  Once these phones are available they will say see they are not selling.  No ***** sherlock you launched them 6 months late and are selling at an inflated price.  These phones would not be overpriced if they had come out at launch, but now I can get a comparable WP phone for free or for $50 from other carriers.  So why should I pay $150 or more on sprints network.  In a nutshell I shouldn't.  These phones would be selling at reduced prices by now on Sprints network if they had come out at launch.  I am also tired of holding on to a phone that I am ready to upgrade from, but can't because Sprint refuses to carry phones at launch.  Sorry Sprint, but your unwillingness to please all of your customers has come to an end for me.  See Yaaaaaa!!!!


This was exactly the reason I took my 3 sprint lines and went to AT&T.  Sprint treats Windows Phone customers horribly in my opinion and I just didn't want to deal with that anymore. 


Even if I hold out and wait for Sprint to lower the prices on the phones to match that of its competitors, there is still the issue of 4G LTE. Last I reall reading, they are behind are they not?

And I wouldn't hold my breath on the price coming down that fast, the Arrive stayed at $199.99 for how long? And Spring complained it had poor sales.


This is unbelievable.

$99 for the 8XT? When that's the same price one could get for HTC's flagship HTC one? Also and Iphone 5??? Then the fact you can get an HTC 8X right now for $0.99!

Then the Ativ S Neo is $149.00 which is the same price as the S4??? These are mid tier phones priced as flagships. I agree Cyclical, this sounds too similar to what they did with the Arrive. Price is way too high, then complain and go "see, nobody wants it" when it doesn't sell well at these prices.

Then the Sprint rep, comes to these threads, not only asking us to change the subject, but patting their selves on the backs because after a year they finally can report they're getting to mid tier phones with no release date. Of course it's not their fault even though Verizon, Tmobile and At&T are already releasing new phones.

There's $20 Billion reasons why Sprint is doing this, and they just don't want to admit it.


I'm ok with the specs. It's the price I'm concerned about. Saw an ad today for a Lumia 928 for $50. That's a high-end phone selling for less than these, Sprint.

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