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My farewell letter to Sprint


My farewell letter to Sprint

I'm posting this discussion as a follow-up to my comment in NunoAlcinaSantos' discussion titled, "Windows 8 phone and Sprint not happening soon."  This thread can be found at  I'm not posting this as a freshman customer of Sprint, but rather as a long-time loyal customer who has championed this carrier all the way until now due to their lack of support for a phone OS I want along with several other sticking points mentioned in my comment below.  I'm also posting this because I feel it's important for Sprint to take notice of what their recent lack of support on these points is forcing even long-time loyal customers to do.  It's only because I care that you're even seeing this post.....if I didn't, I'd simply have gone to another carrier and you'd never known why. 

Since the below comment, I've already pulled the trigger on the move and once my phones (that's right Sprint "phones") arrive in the mail I'll be ending my years of service with Sprint.  To the hopeful out there who will try to point out comments from tech sites like CNET, Engadget, etc. mentioning comments that someone from Sprint has told them they will have WP8 devices the first quarter of 2013 and that I should wait, I say that I've heard similar comments like these before and the time frame just keeps getting pushed back and at this point even if they were to actually push out any WP8 devices, I honestly don't have any confidence that they'll be putting their full support behind it.  We keep asking for something we want and making all these pettitions and things for something that they clearly don't want to back, so I've already made up my mind to go to a carrier that will.  And with that being said, it is a sad farewell Sprint.

Post from earlier thread:

126. Oct 29, 2012 9:16 PM (in response to NunoAlcinaSantos)

Re: Windows 8 phone and Sprint not happening soon.

Well, I said before that if Sprint didn't announce any WP8 devices come the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 event that I'd be leaving and here it is 10/29/2012, the event goes down and I see the same three carriers (AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile) yet again pushing WP8 devices and NO Sprint.  Can't say that I was surprised due to the lack of nothing coming out of Sprint about WP8, but still I was hoping.  And now Sprint, I will be saying goodbye as soon as the Nokia 920 becomes available.  I let the whole losing the premiere benefits thing slide, then put up with the extra $10 a month for a premium data fee that I'm not even using on a 3G phone, I put up with the slow cellular speeds because I have wi-fi in so many places here, I even put up with the only one option for a Windows Phone device on Sprint, and then today hits with no Sprint in sight and I just can't put up with anymore....I just can't.  After all these years, I'm come to realize that Sprint sadly doesn't care about my wants even though I've put up with so much and have championed this carrier for so long through it all.  Even getting numerous family members on board with both smart and feature phones.  Clearly this is no longer the place for me.  I honestly don't care about how much my early termination fee will be for my two lines....I'm just simply fed up at this point and will be saying goodbye to Sprint.  It's been real, but the kid is moving on!


Re: My farewell letter to Sprint

I've been with Sprint for more than 15 years -- since their first digital towers went up in Iowa. I refuse to use Android; and, as someone pretty married to the Windows platform, I get so tired of how closed the iOS ecosystem is. At this point, about the only thing keeping me on Sprint is that Christmas is draining my wallet enough that I don't want to pay my early termination fee and buy two new phones, right now. Come 2013, though, Verizon is going to be looking pretty nice. They have an amazing 4G network, in my area, and have some nice Windows phones. If T-Mobile was in my area, they'd probably have gotten my business already, as they look like they're filling the niche Sprint used to, in their markets.

It's a pity, really. I've been a huge booster for Sprint over the years and convinced a number of folks to switch. The way Sprint has handled 4G is nothing short of incompetant and the decision to not carry Windows Phone 8 devices, even in the short term, pretty much has killed any faith I had in the company.

Next fall, the first of my four daughters will be old enough to get a mobile phone; the others will follow at one about every other year. At a certain point, I'll be footing the bill for six lines. Too bad Sprint is unlikely to see the money for them.


Re: My farewell letter to Sprint

We will be leaving Sprint for Verizon for all of the reasons you mentioned = terrible customer service, abysmal device availability and especially no WIndows 8 phones. We and our 4 family plan devices can't get away from sprint fast enough.

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