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Need a windows based smart phone


Need a windows based smart phone

I can't use a blackberry for my job, it has to be windows based, so I need help choosing a smartphone, and don't want to spend a bunch of money.  A couple questions, Is the Motorola Q9c not available in all markets?

What are people's thoughts on the Treo Pro or even the Centro by Palm (it's inexpensive).

Thanks in advance.


Re: Need a windows based smart phone

It all depends on what you main criteria are....Sprint offers a number of Windows Mobile phones.

The Q9c is probably not readily available, if at all anymore, as it is an older phone that has gone end of life. There might still be some of them still floating around.

The latest and greatest addition to Sprint's Window's mobile phones is the HTC Touch Pro 2 which is launching on 9/8 ($349). It's probably the most powerful, feature packed Windows phone on Sprint and is also an international phone that will work overseas.

However, it sounds like from the tone of your message that you are interested in one of the lower priced Windows phones. The Centro runs on the Palm OS, so that is out. Same with the Palm 755p (Palm operating system)

The Treo Pro is currently the only phone by Palm with Windows on Sprint and runs $199 on contract after rebates ect...

The HTC Snap runs on Windows 6.1 and just launched this summer, so it is a newer handset, and is only $149 on contract after rebates, ect... It is probably more comparable to the Centro in capabilities than the super powerful Touch Pro 2.

Then there are the HTC Touch Diamond $199, and the original HTC Touch Pro $299 that are also both Windows Mobile. Both of those have been out for about a year now.

And lastly, the Samsung Ace is Windows Mobile and also an international capable phone and is currently $49 on contract which would be your most affordable option.

Be sure to read the user reviews on this site regarding any of the above phones to make sure it meets your needs, battery life, build quality ect.....

Personally, I would be apt to purchase one of the newer Windows Mobile phones. If cost is not the driving factor, the Touch Pro 2 is probably the nicest and most powerful of the bunch. If you are trying to keep cost down to a minimum, I would look into the HTC Snap first, and the Treo Pro and Touch Diamond next. I would probably stay away from the Samsung Ace as it seems to have lower reviews.

Good luck


Re: Need a windows based smart phone

HTC Snap is probably your best bet, unless you want to spend a little more to get the Pro or Diamond.  If you like the keyboard and vertical format of the Q, the Snap will be an easy transition for you. In my opinion, HTC makes the best WinMo phones because of all the work they've done with the menuing and interface (Touch Flo).

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