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New "Where's my Update" page for tracking US Windows Phone software updates.


New "Where's my Update" page for tracking US Windows Phone software updates.

Hi Sprint community members and WP7 device owners. My name is Sheeds, and I run WPDownUnder - a WP7 enthusiast Blog in Australia. Since so many Aussies have imported US devices, where the handset is still "branded" or tied to the original US carrier for updates, I recently decided to launch my own Software Updates tracker page for the US when Microsoft killed theirs.

So - here it is: "Where's my Freakin' Update: US" Link: I have tried to add extra content to my table that is relevant and helpful to US Wp7 owners and potential new customers! Please forum admins, this is a non-for profit (no paid advertising on that page) resource to help fans and US WP7 owners...I would implore you not to delete the link.

As I can't be in all the carriers forums every moment of the day - I would appreciate any feedback you have on Sprint WP7 updates (HTC Arrive - Gen 1....and whatever Gen2 devices they get around to launching).

You can reach me via my website (submission form) on the link above or on Twitter etc.

Thanks all - and hoping you get better WP7 support from your carrier also!


PS - Sprint, why not enagage your customers better and deploy a Smartphone update table on your Support page (for all ecosystems)  Here's a free suggestion for you:

All you need to do is put up a SINGLE page for all Smartphone devices (WP7 included) and maintain a quick and easy 1-stop location for all the Software Updates being managed by Sprint.

So create the Update Table....listing Device / OS / Update version no. then...(examples based on WP7)

1. When an update is announced by an OEM or (more likely) Microsoft - please add it straight to the page!

2. Even just showing you are aware of it helps us (eg there are 2 updates post mango min.)

3. Use the version numbers that line up with the MS Update history - eg 7740 or 8107.

4. Then add a status for them, suggestions being:

- Update XXXX - Not yet received from MS/OEM

- Update XXXX - Received from MS/OEM - not yet in test.

- Update XXXX - In Network testing.

- Update XXXX - Not Approved - awaiting MS/OEM amendment.

- Update XXXX - Approved, Scheduling Deployment

- Update XXXX - Deployed (this should be staged over X period to all users, check via Zune PC client).

How simple is this? You would win plenty of Kudos with your customers just by enagaging and communicating with them. The example status is nothing frightening - nothing condiential and odders no firm timeframes...



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