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No Windows 8 Phone?


No Windows 8 Phone?

Is Sprint trying to lose more customers and devalue their feeble stock price even more by not offering customers the same options as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile?  I've been a Sprint customer for 15+ years and I'm seriously considering switching to Verizon.


Re: No Windows 8 Phone?


Sprint acknowledges the importance of a windows phone on our network. Currently, we are working with Microsoft along with manufacturers to bring a windows 8 device to Sprint. Thanks for the post, we appreciate your business.

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Re: No Windows 8 Phone?

Maybe I'm too jaded with Sprint after my 12 years of empty promises, but I don't like the reply which states "we are working with Microsoft along with manufacturers to bring *A* windows 8 device to Sprint."  *A* Windows 8 device? One single solitary W8 device?  There are, what?, about 20 Droid devices? 3 or 4 iThings, even though they are all essentially the same device running the same old iOS that hasn't changed much in 5 years?

All I can say is it had better be a high-end Nokia device or you will continue to bleed subscribers!! One high end device with TRUE LTE, a ~4.8" screen, etc and NO slide-out keyboard bulk (and this coming from me whom previously would never consider a WIN phone without a slider. Slide-out keyboards are just not necessary anymore. The on-screen kb has improved dramatically)!

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