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No decent WP7 phones predicted for Sprint


No decent WP7 phones predicted for Sprint

Engadget just posted this Q3 roadmap for Sprint.

It is a shame that no good WP7 phones are predicted for the release of Mango by MS on Sprint.    It would have been OK if Sprint had just poled their customers by getting the bulky, small screened Arrive if their intent was to release a really nice WP7 phone as soon as Mango was available but alas, we'll still go without a decent WP7 phone for the forseen future.


No decent WP7 phones predicted for Sprint

Hopefully with the release of Mango there will be a greater selection of CDMA Windows Phone 7 devices available. Where both Sprint and Verizon carry the same model WP7 phone, it is an indication that it is currently the only one available.

WP7 currently does not have much market share, hopefully with the introduction of MANGO and better public awareness this will change. Microsoft needs to their share by ramping up the advertising before and after the new release. Perhaps NOKIA will help change things. The N9 has a great camera and will be the same hardware of their WP7 phone. Would love to see it on Sprint.

Regardless, my contract has been up for a year, my childrens contracts are up in early Sept. I will be moving to the carrier that has the best phone, plan combination. I might even buy an unlocked phone and then pick the carrier.

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