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Sprint / LG / WIN MOB / WIMAX phone


Sprint / LG / WIN MOB / WIMAX phone


Re: Sprint / LG / WIN MOB / WIMAX phone

In few days we will see the pictures and specs. For now we know they have something in their sleeves

Stay tuned.


Re: Sprint / LG / WIN MOB / WIMAX phone

Sprint event on Jan. 6 w/Dan Hesse and Steve Ballmer of Microsoft scheduled to speak.

  • Since it is highly unlikely that Microsoft has come up with some new innovation, this will probably be mostly about some upcoming Sprint 4G device that will run Windows Mobile 6.5.  As I have said before, the major problem here is that even if Sprint partners with a manufacturer and delivers the sexiest handheld device ever made, with hardware that is 2-steps better than the competition and 4G, it will still be knocked for running Windows Mobile... I think this is a legitimate concern because of what some reviewers have said about the HTC HD2 (Engadget and Gizmodo).

Sprint/LG event on Jan. 7.

  • In other threads, people have suggested that this could be about the LG Eve, but I disagree. The Eve or LG GW620 has been out in other countries for a few weeks now and from what I have seen of the specs, it is similar to the current generation of Android smartphones (nothing exciting there).  Also LG have released an all-touch version with better hardware in China the LG GW880. I really doubt they are hosting this event for the GW620, 680 or 880. BTW, this is something Sprint did not do for the Hero (a better phone IMO), which was released the same way by HTC Europe/Asia --> US.

The reality is that Sprint has great, affordable 3G service - and the majority of people do not care. In 2010 Sprint will offer great, affordable 4G service - and the majority of people will continue not to care...

In order to make up some of the ground Sprint has lost in the past few years, they need to pick up some really amazing, innovative new devices, and the fact that they are planning huge announcements at CES with Microsoft and LG is dissapointing.

Windows Mobile is a solid OS and has a storng following among smartphone users, but Microsoft is possibly the least innovative company of all time...and LG-designed phones are perhaps the least interesting on the planet (Eve, Prada II, eXpo, Shine II, Chocolate Touch - all terrible IMO).

I know I am being a bit dramatic, but imagine the schedule looked like this:

Sprint event on Jan 6. w/Dan Hesse and Sergey Brin of Google scheduled to speak.

Sprint/(Any other manufacturer) event on Jan. 7.

You have to admit those look better...

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