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Sprint now advertising if you want a good phone use another carrier!


Re: Sprint now advertising if you want a good phone use another carrier!

racqueteer wrote:

Do you feel that the recent announcements about the upcoming Nexus One and the 4G phone in development will improve your perception of Sprint's device line-up?

In addition to devices that can be used across different carriers, what else would you recommend? For instance, what do you want a phone to be able to do that Sprint devices can't do today?

Thanks for your input!

Great questions - while I certainly don't know what everyone else wants but I here is my opinion -

4G sounds good but the small coverage won't change my habits - particularly since it isn't available in my area.   It also seems a shame Sprint didn't chose the same technology all the other networks will be going with.  I spend a lot of time roaming on Verizon's network.  Plus, Sprint hasn't been perfectly clear about how the 4G phones will affect your current plan -

1. Will you get to keep your Sero plan?

2. Are there any data cell phone plans that won't be allowed to keep their same monthly plan rate (a lot of rumors on this)?

3. Let's say Sprint offers a 4G phone but I don't live where 4G is in service - can I buy it if 4G isn't available in my area?

Offering the Nexus one on your network is HUGE.   Offering more phones is what Sprint really needs to do.  However, I don't want one because it doesn't support voice dial by bluetooth and they didn't get MS Exchange synchronization implemented well (it doesn't sync ms exchange calendars and doesn't let you select folders in your mailbox you want to sync - not good if you want the phone for work as a large percentage of companies use MS exchange for email )  hopefully by the end of the year they'll get that solved for people who still want a Nexus One.   You can buy the Touchdown software to work around that issue with MS exchange but there are no programs available to fix the BT limited functionality.   I'm not blaming Sprint for Android/Nexus One's shortcomings - I'm explaining why I wouldn't buy this phone but it might be nice for some people - so selection is a good thing.  But this also explains why I want so many phones that Sprint doesn't carry.

The HTC EVO 4G you anounced at CTIA today is great looking as well!   I can't use it because Android would be useless for my hour long commute to work each day with out BT voice dial.  Perhaps by Android 2.2 Google will have the functionality I need for a great business phone although right now WP7S is looking a little more promising.   Hopefully you have a deal with HTC to get their first HD2 like WP7S phone as soon as WP7S is released.  Here is some info on Sprint's new HD2 like Android phone for those interested - it looks like great hardware!   If someone over at XDA Developer figures a way to put WM 6.5.5 on the phone, I'll order it or if Google makes this a more business functional phone to that has BT dialing and better Exchange integration I could stick with Android.

The HD2, WM, 1GHz processor, large screen, slim design - supports voice command dialing by bluetooth as you aren't supposed to look at your phone and drive in CA and many other states now.   It syncs calendar and contacts natively with MS Exchange as well as any mail folder you want - the Nexus one can't - android can't do voice dial via BT.

The TP2 was a good phone - mind you I'm OK with tweaking a phone so WM is a good choice for me but not everyone.   However I don't need a bulky brick - I'd rather have the Imagio (the keyboardless version of the TP2), the TG02 would be even better and again the HD2 would be great.   I realize some people do want a keyboard and having a choice is great - however sprint didn't give us a choice of the imagio which would have been a good choice about a year ago.

Rumor has it that qualcomm already has CDMA versions of the chips for the iphone.   The iPhone is a great phone as well with bad coverage though with ATT or Tmobile.

If Sprint was actually aggressive to try and go after good phones instead of waiting for the technology to get stale and picking out obsolete, underpowered, small screened phones that are aimed only at people looking for burn phones or something in pink for their pre-teen daughter.    Mind you, I'm not saying that they shouldn't offer cheap phones as well but some more high end phones would be great!   Cost doesn't make a phone high end - cutting edge technology does - large screens, fast processors, vast amount of memory, great battery life if possible.   While the PPC  6700 might have been high end a number of years ago - I doubt any of us would consider it high end now.   Keeping up with CURRENT phone models would be a huge service to Sprint customers.   The Nexus One and the EVO 4G are great for android phones - so that is a massive step in the right direction.   Now can you get a high end WM phone like the HD2?   I'm sure the HD3 is already in the works with WP7S - so could you just tell HTC you want it now so we don't have to wait for it to be obsolete before you have it on the shelves - I'm happy to beta test it for you.

I think it was pretty clear from the vast number of posts that got moved to different forums and closed that there is a pretty good demand for a WM, large screen, 1GHz snap dragon processor screens with a SLIM design.   Again I think there is plenty of demand for ones with keyboards as well so I'm not suggesting Sprint get rid of any of the phones they carry, just add many more.

Sprint probably didn't think there was much demand for the imagio based on the diamond - a very SMALL screen, pretty thick design AND all sorts of problems.   It had a bad cell receiver by design that Sprint's "testing" team didn't notice even though I noticed it the first day I had it.  Signal would go from 5 bars to no bars while stationary on a cloudless day.   This caused your battery to die if you had a few e-mail accounts within 8 hours even if you don't really browse the web much or make many calls.   The poor "testing" of Sprint phones is also a major source of frustration.   Within a few days of releasing any phone people on ppcgeeks have firmware and registry fixes to solve problems with Sprint phones that the "testing" group somehow never noticed.   Yet somehow the "testing" process delays the release of a phone for 6 months to 2 years (in the case of a palm phone I really wanted years ago).   Testing took so long the phone was long obsolete by the time they were ready to release it.   I remember having to start a massive campaign to get Sprint's attention about the BT issues with the Mogul - which again I had figured out the first day the unit was released.   What the heck is the "testing" process anyways?   Calling, BT, signal quality and battery life should be the most tested functions.   Then maybe messaging, test, browsing.    If you haven't tested those you really haven't tested squat.   I'm not saying I'm smarter than Sprint "testers", I'm saying ANYONE technical or not could have found most of the major bugs with the Diamond and other Sprint phones if they actually turned them on and used them on Sprint's network for a couple of days.

I think there are a lot of Sprint employees who want to make Sprint a better carrier and help customers - unfortunately they never seem to make it to the top exec level as we still have the same complaints on all the boards and while some are just people blowing off steam, there is a reason there are so many complaints about the same issues - they still exist and Sprint doesn't seem to notice.


Re: Sprint now advertising if you want a good phone use another carrier!

Just for the record, I want it to be known that this was my idea and you can send my check to my billing address.

We'll just forget about the part where I suggested it for the pre


Re: Sprint now advertising if you want a good phone use another carrier!

racqueteer wrote:

what do you want a phone to be able to do that Sprint devices can't do today?

That's where the confusion set in I guess....They showed a competitors phone able to connect to Sprint's 4g.  So, can the Hero, Moment, Instinct HD, Pre, or any other Sprint phone with wifi do the same?  Will the speed also increase as was shown for the $phone? and if so, why didn't they just show that first?

Hey, touting another carrier's phone ability is fine if that's what you want to do, but what about the phones you already sell....?.....

Maybe I missed something, but it just looks like you made the $phone look better than the rest, in my opinion...


Re: Sprint now advertising if you want a good phone use another carrier!

I think this is a good ad to be honest.

I dont take it as them saying the Iphone is better or worse then other phones. What they are doing is showing that 4G is superior to 3G and they will have it rolled out first.........and you can use the MIFI even if your not on Sprint and make every phone faster. Good for Sprint.

I believe this is the road that they should take from now on. Focus more on the NETWORK!!!!!!!!!!! You have the lead in 4G for a short time, make the most of it. Honestly Smart Phones are all pretty much capable of the same things, most of the apps that we all use daily are available in Itunes, the Android Market and yes......... even in the Palm market place.

NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK. You get the network right and the device manufactures will be knocking your door down with exclusive deals and the customers will follow.

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