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Text messaging & The Treo Pro by Palm


Text messaging & The Treo Pro by Palm

Since the start of the year, text messages that I receive post with future dates. For example, I'd have a text message come in and it would post with a date of 02/20/16 (six years ahead) where the actual date is 02/20/10. Normally it would show the time the text came in and as the message got older switch to the date in this format 02/20/10.

Any ideas why this would be happening with my device?! So far, I've tried hard re-setting the phone to no avail.


Re: Text messaging & The Treo Pro by Palm

Some mobile windows devices have been reported as showing an inaccurate date (2016) with incoming SMS messages. Palm has a patch to fix this issue. Here's the post explaining how to access the file from their website. Hope this helps!!

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