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Touch Pro 2, Wont open messaging


Touch Pro 2, Wont open messaging

Hi, I have a Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2 that is having a issue. The problem is I can not access the emails or sms messages in any way. If I click on start and click messages nothing comes up, if I push the SMS/MMS key on the keyboard nothing opens. Also on the TouchFlo 3D if I scroll over to the "mail" tab touchflo 3d crashes and touchflo 3d relaunches.

I did some research online of this issue and it has to do with something with when from the settings you if you put a check mark on the "save attachments to storage card" this happens. In my storage card I delete the "Inbox.mst30058395" folder but everytime I click messaging or push the SMS/MMS key on the beyboard this folder is recreated.

I have tried multiple soft resets, removed the storage card. But neither of these two solutions worked.


Re: Touch Pro 2, Wont open messaging

try pulling the battery out vs the reset button....

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