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Touch Pro and displaying Album Art from Windows Media Player


Touch Pro and displaying Album Art from Windows Media Player

In case anyone has been having these problems, I thought I'd post what I've learned about getting your album art to show up on the Touch Flo screen while in the music player.

Once you've synced your music over, you should be able to go into the File Explorer and find your music {Settings >File Explorer >My Device >Storage Card >Music} mine is on the 8GB storage card. After you go from Artist >Album, you should see the mp3 files accompanied by the album art file titled something like: "AlbumArt_{0A0B70F4-AA3C-48FF-B440-70925C53A4A0}_Large.jpg"

Rename this file "folder" with a lower case "f." Do this for all your albums. Then do a SOFT RESET.

Your album art should now appear (you may have to wait a few seconds/a minute or so at first). In the File Explorer, in addition to the "folder" file, you will see another file the device will add on its own: "hTC_Am_AlbumArt."

If this procedure doesn't work for some reason, try renaming the file "hTC_AM_AlbumArt" instead of "folder."


Also, if you find that one of the mp3s is not displaying album art and is part of a playlist or various artists compilation etc., you may have to transfer the .jpg file manually. Heres how I did it successfully.

Go to your library in WMP and right click on the song. Get the album info from the internet etc. After you have the info and artwork downloaded, go to your Windows folder: My Music. Go to Tools and Folder Options and the View tab. Then uncheck Hide protected operating system files. This will show the .jpg files once you go back to your music folder and the album folders. In each album folder, there will be a album art/.jpg file. It will look like: AlbumArt_{9C85731A-1668-4644-8F94-98689B1231EA}_Large (and/or Small at the end) and there will likely also be a Folder file. Copy the Folder file and then open ActiveSync.

Click on the Explore (or Explore Device) tab in ActiveSync. Click on My Windows Mobile-Based Device and then the Music or Storage Card folder depending on where the music is located. In Storage Card, click on Music and youll see the artists and next the albums. In the appropriate album folder, paste the Folder file.

Then go to Windows Media Player and Sync again (one way: Sync tabStorage Card (or WM_Owner1)Set Up Sync and Finish (assuming you dont have any Playlists to Add).

The phone will likely add another .jpg file called hTC_AM_AlbumArt. Another option is to rename the .jpg file hTC_AM_AlbumArt yourself instead of folder.

You may have to do a Soft Reset of the phone before youre able to view the album art in the Touch Flo screen.

Good luck!

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