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Verizon's Touch Pro 2 @$199.99?

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Verizon's Touch Pro 2 @$199.99?

Hi there, long time  Sprint customer (10yrs.) and new to these forums.  Verizon's announcement has forced me to register here so that I can get some feedback.  I know that Verizon tends to gimp their phones but looking at comparative specs between their version and Sprint's I see no difference http://wmpoweruser.com/?p=7543 .  So how come they are selling it at that price for either new customers or upgrades?  Also why is the Pro 2 only being sold online through Sprint?  Today I went to my local sprint store looking to get some answers and try out the Pro 2 and its not there.  They could not give me a firm date (maybe the end of the month or October) on when they would be carrying it.  Is Win Mobile 6.5 holding up the in store release date?  I can live with that!  But what I can't live with is how lacking in knowledge Sprint's store reps are.  Thanks!


Touch Pro 2 on both TMobile and Verizon is cheaper during the two year plan.

As shown above. Verizon actually has the Connect plan for $69 which is basically the same thing as Sprint's Everything Plus Plan for the same price.

Also, if you are like me and get discounts because of where you work at any or all three of the wireless carriers then it is even cheaper to go with another carrier over Sprint.

Oh and the connect plan has everything Sprint does with the Everything Plus except for the Anywhere Mobile that was just added.

Also, if you look around for the right coupons, or use a corporate discount, the price of the phones from TMobile and Verzion are even cheaper. Which you can't get from Sprint. My company has a 25% discount off the marked price of a phone through both TMobile and Verizon making the phone actually $150 and not $199 for me.

The only reason I have no jumped ship yet is because I have sprint's SERO $30 plan. To switch to Verizon or TMobile and get what I am getting exactly from Sprint would be about $25 a month. Which unfortunately is just too much. Ohh, and being on the $30 SERO means I don't qualify for the Anywhere Mobile add on that is being introduced

Oh, and another thing to consider into the costs is that with Sprint you pay tax on $450. In most areas that have a tax rate of around 9% to 10% this is significant over tax on $199 or $150.

Now what I can do though is this. I can purchase a line on either Verizon or TMobile and then cancel. It would still be cheaper than buying the phone from Sprint.

So for me the difference in price of the phone to go with either TMobile or Verizon is about $330 roughly. I probably won't go with TMobile because their data speeds suck and their phone doesn't have a 3.5mm jack.

Personally, I think Sprint's pricing over this is ridiculous. I am seriously tempted to jump ship and bring everyone in my family who I had all sign up with Sprint since 1996 along with me. I am talking about a good 30+ people in my extended family. And yes, I did drag them to sprint and can drag them away.


Hi all,

as an update to this thread, I wanted to buy the Touch Pro 2 with Sprint but handing over $450 for the phone and waiting for rebate really bothered meis. I finally decided to check out the verizon pricing and with my corporate emplyee discount the phone cost me at purchase $150. I do have to say though, the plans are not as good with Verizon, at purchase it forces you to combine this phone with a $29.99 data plan (which I also get a discount on) and it will not work with their connect plans. So for the family this phone and data costs quite a bit more than Sprint.

Also something else worth noting is that currently Verizon has a sale which has no activation fees with their new lines (This saved me an additional $80 or so dollars).

I do agree that if you can afford to shell out the $450 initially, it will be cheaper with sprint if you match verizon with the exact same plan for a family. The caveat for me was $450, plus another $100 each for another two phones for my family (that was the price of the phones they wanted and I would get back $50 each in mail-in rebates) added up to $650 at time of purchase, versus Verizon I was charged $150 for the HTC and got 2 free phones which were what the family wanted.

Here in California I did get charged an additional $97 in taxes due to charging on the full retail pricing rather than the discounted prices, which I believe would also have applied if I had bought with Sprint.

I did have Verizon previously and their coverage was good but the phones were locked down, by all accounts the HTC is not locked down as much as many phones before, I will see when I get it.

I still have my sprint lines and 30 days to make up my mind



Stop looking at the prices and look at the bigger picture:

The reason why Verizon is selling the TP2 for cheaper is due to the fact that their plans cost more.   So, they can afford to give you the phone for dirt cheap because they'll be making that money back from you quick.  Especially if you're on their version of the Simply Everything plan (139.99/month!)...


I agree that the price does reflect an overall higher contract price for the phone. I got mine yesterday from Verizon and the plan which I will be moving to, giving me the same features as what I had with Sprint will cost me about $10 a month, so on the life of the contract I will be paying an additional $240. As I said previously, for me it was not really an option to shell out the extra cash in one lump. Also verzion did not charge activation fees for my 3 new phones, so this saved me an additional $80 on the phone purchases.

The extra up front costs are what pushed me to Verizon.


I'd upgrade right now if they did.

If my post or someone else's answered your question please mark it an Accepted Solution.

Keep in mind, like you, I am a Sprint subscriber. I am in no way employed by Sprint in any sense. I just know stuff.

smotrs wrote:

I'd upgrade right now if they did.

That's my point exactly.  IMO, alot more contracts could've been signed or renewed.  $150 extra up front makes/made a difference to some people.  Right now I'm looking a 4 phones.  The Pro2 dropped to #4, because of the price.  Instinct HD fell off my radar.  lol

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I'm not sure I would just purchase the TP2 at $199 because that would extend my contract another two years.

Sprint's true colors have shown through with this issue.  Sprint does not care about the individual contract holder (the other companoes might not either, but they hide it better).  I was not pleased to learn that Verizon was selling the phone at $199, but it made sense.  Verizon lowered the price in an attempt to steal Sprint and T-Mobile customers.  You can even get the TP2 for T-Mobile for $199 now from HTC.  Sprint's response to match the price for business customer's (with 100+ phones) told me that Sprint does not care about individual customers.  Sprint doesn't have to worry about me because I'm locked into a contract and not going anywhere without paying a lot to get out of the contract.  Their reduction for business customers was an electronic spit in the face.

Price is one thing but not the only thing.  


Hey everybody... i'm a "newbie" and let me just say that THE ONLY REASON I'm looking at this phone is because it is a world phone and now I COULD avoid traveling with two phones.  the company i work for has less than 50 employees so there is no way that I (or anybody at my company) can get the discounted price.  I've been on a month to month for 2-3 yrs now and I have not upgraded a phone in this time as I just can't let go of my Treo 755P and the Palm Pre is not a world phone so it is out of the picture (if the Pre was a world phone I would not be even thinking about the Pro2).

I've been looking at other plans (cost over a 2 yr period) for Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, etc., and no other plan compares to Sprint but I'm so tempted to switch to Verizon now because of the price of this phone.  I wish someobdy (that has a decision power) at Sprint would listen/read how unhappy many of us are with this phone prices that they would take some decisions before we take the jump to one of those other companies.

A good start will be to give an instant rebate instead of the "mail-in rebate" that most companies do because they know only a few percent will actually do the documentation to get it.

By the way, I've been a Sprint customer for about 10 yrs now and 2-3 yrs without contract as I see no advantage on signing a contract other than the $150 discount to get a new phone!


A friend of mine was at the end of his contract and just ordered the TP2 from Verizon.   As for the so called gauging customers for ETF - his attitude is this he saves money on the phone immediately - if he does actually decide to go to another carrier - he'll pay a prorated fee when he decides to quit which could still well be less than the difference in the price of the phone with Sprint.   On top of that he doesn't think he'd ever go to Sprint.   He could have gone ATT for the iphone but he wanted the TP2 more and if he does want an iphone rumor has it Verizon will have one by late Summer.

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