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     sprint should work with nokia, htc , samsung etc to bring more windows phone 7 new devices. Why sprint only got an ugly phone"Htc arrive?" wow...  There peaople who do bussines and windows OS is very useful. And stop making the iphone the only good phone on sprint. out there are more great divices. Why only bring low range ugly phones?


That looks like a neat app, but it won't fit me.  I run my life on Outlook and don't use exchange.  The thing that really frustrates me is that Google goes out of their way to make it difficult for Android users to use Outlook, rather than focusing on what's best for users. The evidence is unassailable and I don't expect the strategy to change until it costs them customers.

This gives Apple an advantage over Google in the smartphone and tablet markets - but of course, Apple does the same thing with Flash - ceding that advantage back to Android.  It seems that if you want the most unimpeded solution, it must be Windows based, or you must be willing to invest considerable hours developing/tweaking/Linuxing - and there's no economic sense in that.

My Windows Treo was the most useful phone I ever had, prior to the Pre.  This Android phone - I spend more time managing it than I do getting useful things done with it.  It's definitely neat and snazzy, awesome for that Bird game, reading newsletters and blogs, and pre-scanning emails, but when it comes to making and receiving calls, sending texts, looking up customers, navigating a route, finding a restaurant, replying to e-mails while mobile, etc...  I still use my Pre.  (OK - it's marginally easier to navigate a route on the Photon, to be honest).  Beyond what it does today, if my Android phone could really multi-task (it simply cannot) and could deliver to me ALL my Outlook data, it would be the better.  But it cannot and I bet a Windows phone will.


@AggGrow, you say you run your life on Outlook but don't use Exchange.  Do you just access your e-mail, calendar, contacts from the local PC the Outlook account is built? 

I would suggest creating a Windows Live account.  It has Hotmail, Calendar, and Contacts that is accessible from anywhere.  Some of the features include.

  • Fully integrated in Windows Phone
  • Integrates with Android and iPhones via the Hotmail App
  • Integrates with Outlook via Microsoft's Hotmail connector on Windows XP through Windows 7
  • Plus you can view it via the web

Read a few of these articles.  They give you some idea of life on Hotmail.



And if you have another service doing all of this, lets say gmail, you can go to trueswitch.com and they can move all your email, calendar events, and contacts for free.

I hope this helps.


Ok, I see what you're saying now. I'm in a similar situation, actually. I don't have permission to connect with the Exchange server from my phone anymore. I use an Outlook add-on to sync with Google Calendar to keep my appointments up to date, and it works flawlessly. I have an HTC device, so I have also used HTC Sync from time to time, which works pretty well if you don't mind tethering. I've gotten used to managing different things in different places. My contacts are managed at Google, which is the most convenient arrangement for Android. I manage my calendar as described with the Google Calendar sync add-on for Outlook. I don't use Outlook for tasks, so I don't know what works there. Of course, all this will become pointless if/when Microsoft gets their mobile house in order. I'm confident that Windows Phone will be at a good level of maturity by mid-year, and that Sprint will put some good phones on the table around that time. I'm a lot like you AggGrow. I don't want a device that can talk to me, play silly games, or keep me all twitted and facebooked. I want a phone that gets real work done, and I'm confident a WP device is the ticket.


So you've nailed it.  I do these same things, but I currently use Plaxo to keep contacts and calendars in sync.  However, Calendars always get screwed up with parse errors, you cannot sync categories or pictures - it's just an abomination, and Plaxo says they'll get this simple task fixed in a week - for over a year now.  It's clear that Google is not allowing it - they want you to read the ads on GMail.  I don't use GMail, or any web-based mail clients for that matter - except as a temporary staging area to keep data at my phone.  The 'free' thing has gotten them this far, but for folks who want real tools, it's a fail.


So how is that any differet with what I'm saddled with today, except that it's probably twice as difficult to 'play' with Android?  If I'm stuck with a cloud client, I'll use GMail, thank you.  What I really want is to use my PC-bound client on my PC and am happy to use any cloud based client as a sync media to my phone - but only as a sync media.

I use Outlook and numerous add ons for Contact Management, Social networking, etc.  I'm also very old-school when it comes to IP protection.  Sorry, but a Windows phone is a step forward - Your idea is nice, but for me - a step backwards.

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