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WIFI on HTC Mogal


WIFI on HTC Mogal

I just bought the Mogal by HTC and have managed to connect to my wireless router dispite the anguish that caused. When I go online to check my usage it said that I have used sprint vision. My assumption is that either I am being charged for using my own wifi or I am accidently using sprint data rather than my wifi. Is there a way to ensure that I am only using my internet connection instead of sprints or am I completely incorrect?

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Re: WIFI on HTC Mogal

Try This. It mostly works for me.

Go to the communication manager (press that button next to the power on/off switch on the right side of the mogul). If there is an active EVDO data connection the Data connection icon (3rd down on the left) will be green. If it is just hit the icon to turn the data connection off. You should then have exclusive access to Wifi untill you turn Wifi off or lose your Wifi connection.


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