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Want to upgrade from 700wx - need opinions


Want to upgrade from 700wx - need opinions

I am long overdue for an upgrade.  I want to upgrade from 700wx Treoto another Palm Windows OR Palm OS and I am looking for opinions.  I have really loved my WX phone.  I had a 600 Palm Treoat one point years ago and have had Windows since it first came out.  I have had my problems, but I just don't know if I should stay with Windows or try the new Palm OS phones.  I love having the QWERTYkeyboard right at hand so the Palm PRE is out of the running. My biggest complaint with Windows was that I could not send picture mail from my textingto another texter.  Does the PRO have this option now?  That would be my draw towards the Pixi.

So please let me know what you all think.  I welcome all opinions at this point.  Palm Pro or Palm Pixi?      o

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