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Why can't Sprint fix picturemail??


Why can't Sprint fix picturemail??

When will Sprint admit their WindowsMobile Picturemail and/or website DO NOT WORK and fix them?  I've got a Touch Pro.  It has the ROM upgrade, which had Picture Mail already on it.  My outgoing pictures mails are random and totally unreliable.  Sometimes they will go fine, sometimes they won't.  I'll look at the phone and realize they are all sitting in "pending" and have many retries.  I can reboot or whatever and it won't fix it.  Then magically, one day I'll do something and all the sudden my friends will be getting picture mails I sent them like 2 weeks before!

I've called Sprint multiple times, and all they can suggest is a hard reset on the phone.  Which, is their hope that I'll go away and leave them alone.

If you google "sprint picturemail pending" it's clear this is a common and ongoing problem.  The only solution people have is to get SMMS from PPCGeeks or the Arcsoft application.  But, why should we have to?  Sprint needs to fix what is CLEARLY a real problem for MANY of us.


Re: Why can't Sprint fix picturemail??

Sprint is having a picture mail network problem right now. None of the pictures that get sent to my cell phone go to my phone but they go to my account online! I used my Treo 755 for 2 years and the picture mail worked fine! Now that I have the Samsung Reclaim receiving pictures on my phone is not reliable. Sprint says it's the network but I'm thinking it could be the phone! We'll see this week when they call me to trouble shoot. How long has yours not worked correctly?

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