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Why didnt microsoft and sprint keep their word with windows phone 7?


Why didnt microsoft and sprint keep their word with windows phone 7?

Im 26 years old and have been waiting almost 2 years now for a WP7 phone.  i was so excited about the platform.  My pld phone broke and i ended up not getting the arrive. since i hadent came out yet. so i have been honest and said if sprint released a new WP7 phone that had just a few specs that most all of them have on at&t i would buy it. 4 inch screen and front facing camera and no phyical keyboard. that is it on my wishlist. heres the confusing part.

Here's a quote from CNET, Sprint couldn't get Windows Phone 7 now because WP7 doesn't support CDMA just yet, which is why Verizon isn't a launch partner either.

“We had to make some trade-offs,” senior product manager Greg Sullivan told CNET. “Even Microsoft doesn’t have unlimited resources. We had to prioritize doing fewer things, really, really well.”

“For the worldwide market, the vast majority of phones are GSM phones, so we focused on GSM first and then plan to deliver an update that will have great CDMA support in the first half of 2011,” Sullivan said. “That’s device availability in the first half and we’re very confident of that. That’s probably a conservative estimate.”

“Look, we could do more things, or we could do fewer things really, really well. We chose intentionally to do fewer things really, really well. We absolutely have to build that quality first and then we have to quickly achieve reach and scale,” he said

they said this in 2010... its now a month from 2012 and where is this GREAT support microsoft is claiming???!!!! or the quickness they claim to have??!!!!

i have been a sprint guy since i was 17... but i guess im just giving up, i have emailed MS and customer service about this and no reponses... other than did you see our new iphone... its bull i want a choice.. i have money im willing to throw at you for a new WP7 so where is it?? at&t have in 1 year released i think 6 wp7 phones including these 3 new ones on nov 7th. so sprint wonders why people are so sick of them... here it is in black and white.. IF ANOTHER COMPANY OFFERS YOU 6 TIMES THE CHOICE... YOUR 99% MORE LIKELY TO GO TO THAT COMPANY AND SPEND YOUR MONEY. IM NOT SURE IF SPRINT REALIZES IT BUT THIS IS AMERICA WHERE PEOPLE SPEND TONS OF MONEY FOR THE NEWEST TECH THING JUST TO HAVE IT.. WP7 IS THE NEW TECH PEOPLE WANT TO SPEND MONEY FOR  IT..SO WHY CANT I???!!!

ok but maybe very soon i could get an answer on this. other wise i will just buy out of contract and go to at&t, and happily PAY MORE for MORE CHOICES!

everyone feel free to comment on how they are trying to get info on wp7 and if they have any?


i hate life... i just talked with at&t and they are raping single lines.. a single line with  the new 4g samsung focus s with the cheepest talk time plan, 2gb data, unlimted texting, + equipment protection is a little over $100 a month after taxes... i currently pay $66 a month on sprint... =(  god i hate being single... taxes on your paycheck is super high for some reason...  i can tell this nov is going to suck.. and its my bday month

my conversation today with at&t, so you see sprint i am seriously looking elsewhere if they meet a resonable price even if it is more than you.

lee: hmm i see, so if my math is correct if i wanted a windows phone 7 it would be a bit over 100 a month just for me?

Stephanie L.: That sounds about right for the plan and services you want. Are you looking to more than one line?

lee: no.. and i want to leave sprint but i cant see paying almost 50 more a month just to have a new wp7... =(

lee: i pay 66 right now AFTER taxes with sprint currently

lee: are you guys having a christmas sale or anything on your plans to get them cheeper before the end of the year?>

Stephanie L.: I did hear that we are having some amazing deals coming up for the holiday season but I am not given what they are until the day of usually. The Windows 7 phones may be on sale then. We have new sales daily as well.

lee: i dont care about the price of the phone its the monthly plan thats the problem. i wouldnt care if i payed 300 for a phone i wanted. just over 100 a month for 1 cell phone line is ridiculous... how is it that you give 2 lines packages such discounts? if 2 lines =150 then you should offer a single line plan at 75 see my logic?

Stephanie L.: I understand where you are coming from. There is a possibility that the plans may change at any time. Keep in mind that our data plans also include unlimited Wifi. This may reduce the need to pay for a larger plan.

lee: lol what is unlimited wi fi... i have wifi at my home i already pay for... so your telling me i can use my own internet, i didnt realize i needed permission for that

Stephanie L.: This means that you will not pay for data usage while in a Wifi network. Since your home already has a Wifi network, your data usage will not be counted whenever you are home and your Wifi is on on the phone.

lee: well if i was on my wifi, why would someone charge me that usage on their cell towers since it cant be counted?

Stephanie L.: You wouldn't be charged any usuage while you are connected to a Wifi area. The data plan is needed for whenever you are not in a Wifi area. You may not need that larger 2 GB data plan if you use your phone in a Wifi network most of the time. I am a heavy user and I am on the 200 MB data plan since my phone is used under Wifi areas most of the time. I have never gone over the 200 MB per month. This plan is $10 a month less.

lee: ok well for future customers its somewhat offensive to say you dont charge when your connected to wifi that you pay for as well, maybe you could say and dont forget when your connected to wifi it saves you money, but this point is moot since if i was at home i would use my laptop for wifi, not a phone.. i used phone net for places that dont have wifi get it? well thanks but unless you can bring your prices down for a single line about $20 a month i am not interested. i dont mind paying a bit more bit doubling my cost for the same thing is not what i have in mind, thank


Its not Microsoft you should be mad at. Its the phone makers and carriers. Microsoft only develops and maintains the operating system (Windows Phone). Its up to hardware manufacturers and carriers to come together and make actual phones with CDMA technology. The fact that there are 2 (to my knowledge) CDMA phones (Arrive and Trophy) means that if sprint told HTC or Samsung it was interested in a new phone I am positive the handset maker would develop them.


I am on the same boat as you, I now really regret leaving AT&T, but like you said the plan there are pretty expensive now.

If they have a promotion and I get similar prices as Sprint I am going to AT&T as they have many more phones choices (They already have 3 new windows phone).


hmm im pretty sure. sprint told microsoft that they werent supporting WP7 anymore. probably due to the fact dropping so much on the iphone and they need their money back out of... and now at&t is buying tmobile, there wont be any way to get an affordable WP7 now.. im also sure if microsoft threw some money to sprint they would carry more phones.. and make some hopefully


I agree with the other person that said that really it comes down to the handset manufacturers in pumping out CDMA devices.  When MS made that statement it was during the initial launch of WP7 and it was true; at launch WP7 only supported GSM devices initially.

But then 2011 rolled around and the NoDo update included functionality for CDMA devices, which is why Sprint has the Arrive and Verizon has the Trophy.

Just because you see moer phones on AT&T doesn't equivocate to the conclusion that MS is pushing more support towards GSM.   It really comes down to both Verizon and Sprint.  Here, Sprint just has its head stuck up its butt to see the potential WP7 has or is being totaly conservative.


It's become clear to me that if I want a WP7.5 phone, I will need to switch to another carrier.

When you see a company not supporting new devices like this, it shows that they do not have the resources to compete in the marketplace.

As much as I like Sprint, and have never had an issue with their pricing and service, and would like to stay with them, it is pretty evident that they are a company on the decline. I need to take my business to a company that has a better long term viability.


I'm glad to see i'm not the only one. In order to help our goals, i have created a petition that I will submit to Sprint if we get enough people to sign, so please share it around and sign it yourself!

Petition: http://signon.org/sign/wp7-on-sprint?source=c.url&r_by=1955143

If posting on Twitter, use these hashtags: #ces2012 #sprint #nokia #wp7 #microsoft

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