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Will Sprint would offer more Windows Phones?


Will Sprint would offer more Windows Phones?

I recently lost my HTC Arrive to water damage, no insurance. I had to go back to my LG Optimus. I loved that phone.

The reason stated in an interview with a top sales representative, was that the Arrive wasn't selling well.

The Arrive is a slider, it's heavy, it's expensive. That's like Chevrolet going out of buisness because they sell more Suv's than Corvettes.

The Samsung Focus is cheaper and smaller. People like that.

As for the OS, read my user name, I am a dedicated Linux user but after playing with Win7 a while, I gave the phone version a chance. I like it more than I can describe.

Executives who decide these things are often un-informed and un-qualified to make decisions that effect normal people.

Maybe I need to type up a resume.

So the question; would you be willing to try a Windows Phone if it were cheaper? Had different features? was made by more than one manufacurer?

Would Sprint listen?


Re: Will Sprint would offer more Windows Phones?

Maybe sprint is working to get windows smart phone to support LTE?


Re: Will Sprint would offer more Windows Phones?

I have the Arrive.  Got it through taking the MS Challenge and traded in my HTC Diamond for it.  I would have gotten a Windows Phone sooner if Sprint wasn't so reluctant to offer more and newer WP's then the Arrive.  Being it's a phone that is over a year old, I didn't intend to spend $200 for an old phone.  So, really happy I was able to get it for free.  It's pretty nice phone, runs well, fast (compared to my Diamond), does pretty much everything I need it to do.  I'm not a bandwidth hog and hardly ever watch a video or play games on it.  Where the Sprint exec got the idea that it's not a good seller or had a bad rating, must have been out of his ass.  The phone has a 4 or 5 star rating on the Sprint site.  Maybe he should check his facts first beforehand.

To answer your question(s):

Your questions are moot since Sprint only offers the one model of WP but I'll give you my responses anyway. 

So the question; would you be willing to try a Windows Phone if it were cheaper? Doesn't matter to me.  Of course, I would like it if they were offered at a cheaper price, I would have paid full price if they offered it.  Maybe if they given away the Arrive, as free with a contract, they might have gotten more takers.  The Nokia's were going for under $100 with a contract.  I would've jumped all over it if Sprint offered it. Heck, if they had offered the Titan for $299, I might've jumped on it. 

Had different features? There's no features, except maybe for LTE, that WP doesn't have that other phones have that I can think of.

was made by more than one manufacurer?  As for manufactures, you really can't ask for better then Nokia.  They have one of the best reps for making phones.  Myself, I don't care who it is, just wish Sprint would get off their backside and offer more of them. 

Would Sprint listen?  As you can tell the answer is NO because as of yet they still only offer the one WP.  Why?  I'll make it short and sweet.  The iPhone is why.  Sprint promised Apple that they would sell 300 million iPhones in the next 5 years.  They don't want to add more competition to their lineup that might hurt iPhone sales.  That's my opinion on why. 

Hopefully the rumors are true that Sprint will be offering a new WP by the end of the year.  I won't be holding my breath but I will be crossing my fingers and toes.

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