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Windows 6.5 on Touch Pro 2 FAQ/Experience


Windows 6.5 on Touch Pro 2 FAQ/Experience

As most of us know, today the official 6.5 update was released by Sprint. It would be nice to have a dedicated thread for us to post our thoughts/reviews/findings or faq's without sorting through 26+ pages on that other thread.

Ive spent a good deal of time tweaking and customizing my tp2 to exactly my liking. I dont mind starting over,but my primary concerns are wether or not my apps from 6.1 work on this newest build? Ive read some will and some wont and id like to hear from you what kind of success/failure youve had with some of your apps and if they work or not work with 6.5.

Id also like to know how much different the user experience is. What was kept/added/removed and just overall what kind of experience, wether good or bad, has come from the update.

I hope to have anyone with thought, questions or concerns post their thoughts here. Thx and looking forward to everyones feedback!


Re: Windows 6.5 on Touch Pro 2 FAQ/Experience

Just wanted to add some of the apps I would hate to lose and if some of you used these apps before, maybe you can tell me if youve managed to use them on the new 6.5.

1.) MagiCall - great app that allows you to block contacts or specific numbers from calling or texting you. Has a TON more features if you ever wanted a app like this, google it you wont be dissapointed. (paid app, free trial)

2.) Resco Photo Manager - AWESOME photo manager/viewer.. seriously! (paid, free trial)

3.) PowerSmS - great little app that allows you to create groups for quick texting. (paid, free trial)

4.) Pbar (version 1.5) Amazing little task manager. mapping it to a key works best. (free)

5.) TouchPal keyboard - Awesome virtual keyboard for sending quick sms (paid, free trial)

6.) Nitrogen music player (1.2 Alpha 4) Amazing music player. low memory, lotsa features (free)

I have many more but these are some of my fav/paid apps... Oh and on a soft reset I have a little over 117mb free program memory (yes program, not storage) while running Touchflo3d after some tweaks. What kind of memory are you experiencing after a fresh reboot running 6.5?

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